Make-up melt-proof tricks you ought to try

Los Angeles: Hot and sweaty season is often frowned upon and is called as the make-up meltdown time of year. But it doesn`t have to be. Get your hands on the right tools.

Here are a few tips from Hollywood`s make-up artists:

* Use eye pencil: Actress Amy Adams` make-up artist Stephen Sollitto suggests skipping eyeshadow altogether in the summer time. So shun creams, pots and powders. Instead use waterproof pencils and shade in your whole lid.

* Find a multi-purpose product: Instead of layering onto your complexion, find a power foundation that has built-in SPF and is waterproof, says Sollitto. Actress Jennifer Garner`s make-up artist Fiona Stiles says if you must add hydration to your complexion, "skip moisturiser. Just use sunscreen."

* Primer for eyes: Stiles thinks using a face primer is "an unnecessary step". However, if you do want to use eyeshadow she suggests first swiping on eye primer to prevent creases on the lids.

* Go for bronzer: Actress Jaimie Alexander`s make-up pro Jeffrey Paul says apply self-tanner in areas you want to contour, like under the cheekbones. It soaks into the skin and won`t melt or rub off.

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