Who needs permanent makeup?

Everyone has their own share of flaws. At the same time in this fast-paced world it becomes difficult to indulge in proper makeup sessions to hide those imperfections.

But, isn’t it equally important to look unblemished and attractive to survive in this ever-competitive world?

Exactly, says Gunjan Gaur, Permanent Makeup Expert and Executive Director of ALPS Beauty Clinics, while she reveals who all require the boon of Permanent Makeup – a makeup which lasts forever while hiding your flaws.

Ace those Arcs:

Anyone who have light and thin eyebrows and wants them to appear darker and thicker can go for Permanent Eyebrow Shaping. Also, those who have grey hair in their eyebrows and gaps or cuts in their brow line require permanent eyebrow enhancement too. If you are anyone amongst them, you should go for permanent eyebrow shaping to flaunt beautifully shaped eyebrows all the time.

Pep up your peepers:

Permanent Eyeliner/Kohl Application is for women who cannot apply eye-liner neatly or women in often in rush, who find it a hassle to apply liner/kohl every day. Also, ladies who wear spectacles and lenses and have trouble taking them off, and then applying the eye makeup, then again taking it off during touch-ups can certainly go for this procedure. For simplifying things, they should go in for permanent eyeliner or kohl application to add black-magic into your eyes.

‘Over’ Line!
Those who have de-shaped lips and those with thin lips who want to make them appear fuller and more attractive can go in for Permanent Lip-liner application. You can out-line your lips in order to make them look bigger and poutier. For the process, one may choose her favorite shade of lip liner and actually, the one which suits you the best and will look good on you till it stays.

A tint of back:

Have you ever wished for a tiny mole here or there on your face, to make you look more striking than ever? Yes, those wanting to have beauty spots to enhance their appearance and look more sensuous can go in for Permanent Beauty Spot Application at any point of your face. These are created by infusing beauty pigmented on the chosen part of your face that lasts for more than 15 years.


Patients of leucoderma, with an upcoming wedding and also, those do not have time to undergo the medicinal treatment; can go for Permanent Coloring to camouflage their white scars. This painless procedure can also completely hide leucodermic patches of people who don’t prefer a medical treatment for its suitability issues.