Recipe: Machli kofta curry

Recipe: Machli kofta curry

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Fish mince 250gm

Egg (yolk ) 01 no

Onion (chop) 250 gm

Green chili (chop) 10 gm

Ginger (chop) 10 gm

Garlic(chop) 20 gm

Mustered oil 150 gm

Garam masala 5 gm

Dhania pwd 5 gm

Haldi pwd 5 gm

Red chili pwd 5 gm

Bay leaves 2 no

Clove 4 no

Green cardamom 2no

Tomato puree 50 gm

Lemon juice 20 ml

Green coriander ` 5 gm

Salt to taste

Jeera 3 gm


1.Make a paste of whole Jeera ,green chili whole , garlic , ginger ,salt

2. Take a heavy bottom pan add some mustard oil ,jeera ,bay leav,clove & cardamom after the crackle add onion paste (raw onion ) after the paste come brown add all spices.

3.Fish mince mix with chop onion ginger , garlic (chop) , green chili (chop)coriander (chop),egg yolk & salt to taste .last giv shape like a boll and put in a oven for 10 minute.

4. Now take half done kofta put in curry and cook for 10 minute & serve with steam rice.


This recipe is a contribution from Chef Bishwajit Roy of Mosaic Hotels, Noida