Clownfish can swim 400km to find new home

 In a new study, scientists have found that clownfish larvae can swim up to 400 kilometres in search of a new home, which helps them deal with the environmental changes better

Study's co-author Dr Hugo Harrison from James Cook University said that clownfish spent their entire adult lives under the protection of their host anemone but as babies they have to wander the open ocean.

Eating fish may help prevent hearing loss in women

 Consumption of two or more servings of fish per week may reduce the risk of hearing loss in women, US researchers said Wednesday.

Fish, chimpanzees know how to pick best partner for task

A new study has revealed that when it comes to choosing the right partner for some task, fish are just as good as chimpanzees.

Archerfish target prey with jets of water
Archerfish target prey with jets of water

Archerfish hunt by shooting jets of water at unsuspecting insects, spiders, or even small lizards on leaves or twigs above, knocking them into the water below before gobbling them up, scientists say.

How zebrafish forms its stripes revealed
How zebrafish forms its stripes revealed

A new research has revealed that three major pigment cell types i.e. black cells, reflective silvery cells, and yellow cells helped in forming the stripes on zebrafish.

Salmon forced to `sprint`, less likely to survive

Do not make the fish run, especially if they are female. Researchers have found that sockeye salmon that are forced to rush to their spawning grounds through fast-moving waters could be dying right after their "sprint".

Fish and coral can smell bad neighbourhoods

Pacific corals and fish can both smell a bad neighbourhood, and use that ability to avoid settling in damaged reefs, scientists say.

Hawaii to get massive floating fish farms

A US firm has started work on huge floating cages that will hold 1,000 tonnes of fish in the deep sea off Hawaii`s coast.

Anxiety drug for humans increases fish life

Fish may find some water contaminants to their benefit as researchers have shown that a drug used to treat anxiety in humans reduces mortality rates in fish.

Goans to get fish at subsidised rate

Goa government will provide fish at subsidised rates to rein in its soaring prices.

Mamata Banerjee orders strengthening vigil over market situation: FTO

Expressing concern over rising prices of vegetables, fish and essential commodities, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday directed her officials to keep a strong vigil over the market trend.

Fish consuming vast quantities of plastic ocean waste

Australian scientists are concerned that fish are eating hundreds of thousands of tonnes of plastic floating in the ocean and this waste is ending up in sea food, a media report said Friday.

Fish can remember up to 12 days later!

Contrary to the popular belief that fish have a memory span of only 30 seconds, scientists have found that a popular aquarium species can remember the location of tasty treats up to 12 days later.

Spiders that prey on fish are all over world: Study

Spiders that prey on fish have been discovered in all parts of the world by zoologists from Switzerland and Australia.

Fish are as smart as apes: Study

A new study has revealed that fish`s cognition and sensory perception are generally on the same level with that of the other animals.

Eat protein rich diet to ward off stroke risk

Researchers have found that a diet rich in protein, especially eating oily fish is significant in reducing risk of stroke.

Fish more prone to crashes than bees

Researchers have said that swimming fish do not appear to use their collision warning system in the same way as flying insects.

Hundreds of fish dying in Himachal wetlands

Hundreds of fish have died in Rewalsar wetlands near here in the past three days due to water toxicity, posing a serious threat to other aquatic fauna too, say wildlife experts.

Ichthyologists find new catfish species in Arunachal Pradesh

In a fresh find, a team of of ichthyologists have discovered a new species of catfish in West Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh.

Mothers! Take a break from fish for healthier babies

Potential mothers need to fast from fish for many years to avoid passing on certain harmful chemicals to their offsprings, an alarming study indicates.