`Salt` stopped me from feeling soft: Angelina Jolie

Los Angeles: Actress Angelina Jolie enjoyed working in her latest action film `Salt` as it stopped her from feeling "soft", post giving birth to twins.

The 35-year-old actress did her own stunts in the action movie in which she plays a CIA agent, soon after giving birth to twins Knox and Vivienne in July 2008 because it toughened her up, a news website reported.

"It was difficult to switch to being an action hero for a minute. But it was so nice to have an excuse to get out of bed and get back in action and not feel so soft with the pregnancy and all that comes with it after," Jolie said.

"I did have a moment where I found myself thinking, `I am somebody`s mom, I don`t belong here.` I was on the freeway with somebody chasing me and two weeks before I was at home feeding the babies. I felt like, `Oh, they`ve got the wrong person`," she added.

Jolie, who raises six kids with her partner Brad Pitt says the film reminded her of the first time she met him on the set of action film Mr and Mrs Smith.

"You know the great thing is he and I met during an action movie, so he`s kind of like, `Oh honey, you`re bruised again from a stunt.` You know, it`s sweet, it`s reminiscent of the old days," she said.