How salt can make buildings age faster
How salt can make buildings age faster

High salt is not only detrimental to health but salt crystals can also push historical buildings and wall paintings to age faster. How?

Not salt but high BMI triggers hyper-tension

If you are suffering from high blood pressure, check your Body Mass Index (BMI) first as a new study indicates sodium intake has less impact on overall health than previously thought.

Too much salt is linked to 1.65 million deaths per year

People around the world eat twice as much salt as they should, and this behavior translates into 1.65 million heart-related deaths per year, researchers said Wednesday.

Salt can kill cancer cells: Study

The next weapon to effectively fight cancer could be salt as researchers have found that an influx of salt into a cell triggers its death.

Salt melted ice to form water on Mars?

Researchers have discovered that water could have flowed on the surface of Mars with the help of salt present in the Martian soil that can melt ice.

Low sugar and salt in food products becoming more popular than low and no-fat

Researchers have claimed that more than 50 per cent of consumers are interested in products with reduced levels of salt and sugar.

How plants survive `salt` pain

Plants are using a "calcium wave" to survive in the increasingly salty or saline soils that have become a problem the world over, research suggests.

Recipe: Potato Galette

For all the self-confessed potato lovers, here is your chance to learn and savour a very simple and easy recipe of `potato galette`.

Spices, herbs in food helps lower salt intake in adults

A new study has found that teaching people how to flavour food with and herbs is considerably more effective at lowering salt intake.

Kids who prefer sweet food also have tendency to like salty dishes

Scientists from the Monell Chemical Senses Center have found that kids who most prefer high levels of sweet tastes also most prefer high levels of salt taste and that, in general, children prefer sweeter and saltier tastes than adults do.

Health benefits of eating hummus

Hummus - the dip of chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice and salt - is absolutely irresistible. It is flavoursome for sure and nutritious too.

Too much salt ups obesity, inflammation risk in adolescents

Adolescents consuming more than twice the recommended daily allowance of salt increases their high sodium intake that correlates with fatness and inflammation regardless of how many calories they consume, a new study has found.

Oz proud to have forced three England players to return home: Bailey

Batsman George Bailey has rubbed salt to England`s wounds by saying that the Australian side was proud of forcing three of England`s players to return home.

Sonu Sood struggles to eat boiled eggs without salt

Keeping a fit body is not an easy task and actor Sonu Sood is currently struggling to make sure he sticks to what he is supposed to eat in order to retain a well worked-out body.

Adequate stock of iodised salt in state: Nagaland govt

Setting at rest the rumours about acute shortage of salt in Nagaland, the Director of Food and Civil Supplies, Sedevikho Khro said there is enough stock of iodised salt in the state.

Bengal has sufficient stock of salt: Minister

Assuring that there was no shortage of salt in West Bengal, state Food and Supply Minister Jyotipriyo Mallick on Saturday said that its stocks would last for about a year.

13 traders detained for selling salt at exorbitant price

Thirteen traders have been detained in Darjeeling district for selling salt at exorbitant prices, police sources said.

Rumours of salt shortage spark panic in Nagaland

Rumours of shortage of salt in Dimapur, the commercial hub of Nagaland, created panic among consumers in the state.

Mizoram govt warns businessmen after price of salt jumps

Mizoram government on Thursday warned businessmen against hoarding `salt`, which was rumoured to be sold for as high as Rs 300 a kilo in some areas of the state.

15 arrested in Bihar for salt shortage rumour

Fifteen people have been arrested in Bihar for allegedly spreading rumours of an acute shortage of salt in the state, causing prices to soar to Rs.150 a kg in a day, an official said Friday.