Amanda Seyfried, Timberlake collapse in heap during ‘In Time’ high heel slip

Washington: Amanda Seyfried made Justin Timberlake fall on top of her after she had a high heel slip on the set of their new film ‘In Time’.

The 25-year-old actress took a tumble while running in her stacked shoes for an action scene, which resulted her co-star Timberlake landing on top of her.

“On the second day I was running and I didn’t have the stunt heels on yet and I fell so bad. Luckily I was holding onto Justin’s hand so he had to swing me down without hitting my head - really funny but really scary at the same time.” Contactmusic quoted her as telling Stylist magazine.

“I literally flew underneath him, he landed on top of me. It was just because I was running so fast, the fastest I could ever possibly run with heels bigger than these (I have) on – terrifying,” she stated.

But Seyfried said she loved the physical challenges the science-fiction thriller presented her with.


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