Amanda Seyfried eats what she wants
Amanda Seyfried eats what she wants

Actress Amanda Seyfried believes that life is short and so she indulges in every kind of food whenever she wants to. Exercise keeps her healthy.

Dominic Cooper, a caring boyfriend
Dominic Cooper, a caring boyfriend

‘Dracula Untold’ actor Dominic Cooper believes that when he's in a relationship, he tries to give his best by being caring and understanding.

Amanda Seyfried unwilling to work when pregnant

Actress Amanda Seyfried is not willing to work when she will be pregnant. The `Letters To Juliet` star, who was recently cast in `Ted 2` and is unsure whether pregnant actress Mila Kunis will be returning for the comedy sequel, said she would understand if Kunis wanted to take time out to focus on her impending new arrival, reportedly.

Amanda Seyfried to croon in `Ted 2`

Actress Amanda Seyfried will sing a medley penned by Seth MacFarlane in the forthcoming comedy "Ted 2".

Amanda Seyfried afraid of being typecast

Amanda Seyfried says she is anxious about getting typecast as an actress who specialises in romantic-comedies.

I search my name on Twitter out of curiosity: Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried says she is often tempted to read about herself on social networking sites.

Amanda Seyfried joins Joe Wright`s Peter Pan movie

Actress Amanda Seyfried is all set to reteam with her `Les Miserables` castmate Hugh Jackman in director Joe Wright`s upcoming Peter Pan prequel.

Spring-summer hair colour trends: Follow celebrities

Summer is here, beat the heat with new hair colour. From crystallised blondes to ruby reds, one can try out new shades taking a cue from celebrities like Amanda Seyfried, Kristin Cavallari and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Amanda Seyfried finds intimate movies scenes fun

Amanda Seyfried does not find it difficult to shoot steamy scenes with her co-stars in her movies.

Amanda Seyfried replaces Mila Kunis as female lead in `Ted 2`

Amanda Seyfried is all set to play the leading actress in `Ted 2`.

Amanda Seyfried has crush on Leonardo DiCaprio

If actress Amanda Seyfried had to choose a crush from the world of movies, she would pick Leonardo DiCaprio.

Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long indulge in PDA!

Hollywood actrors Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long were reportedly spotted getting cozy at the romantic French Bistro La Poubelle in Los Angeles.

Amanda Seyfried inspired by her parents` relationship

Actress Amanda Seyfried says her mother Ann and father Jack`s marriage has made her believe there is a good long-term relationship out there for her.

I have suffered from panic attacks: Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried has revealed that she suffered from crippling anxiety and panic attacks, but gradually learnt to overcome her fears.

`Lovelace` star Amanda Seyfried loves comedy roles

Amanda Seyfried has revealed that she believes that her true calling is comedy acting.

Amanda Seyfried liberated by nude scenes

Amanda Seyfried felt liberated when filming sex scenes for biopic `Lovelace` because she was brought up thinking nudity was wrong.

Amanda Seyfried prefers dog to boyfriend

Amanda Seyfried is happily single and says she enjoys the company of her pet dog more than a boyfriend.

Amanda Seyfried dating Justin Long?

`Lovelace` star Amanda Seyfried is reportedly dating Justin Long.

`Lovelace` violence was tough: Peter Sarsgaard

Peter Sarsgaard admits he found it tough filming violent scenes with Amanda Seyfried in the new biopic and tried not to think about them.

Amanda Seyfried against ban on porn

Actress Amanda Seyfried has said that pornography must not be banned as people should be granted the freedom to watch whatever they want to.