Sir Michael Caine ‘did ‘Cars 2’ to show grandkids what he did for a living’

Washington: Sir Michael Caine has revealed the reason for taking on the voice of automobile Finn McMissile in `Cars 2`.

The 78-year-old actor decided to appear in the movie so that he could show his grandchildren what he did for a living.

The British star - who voices Finn McMissile in the animated movie - wanted to show the younger members of his family what he did, but realised he couldn``t show them some of his more adult-themed films.

"When they ask what their granddad does, they can``t see him in anything,” a website quoted him as saying.

"You don``t want to say `Harry Brown`. It``s not family viewing. When they offered me the chance to play the part of a car, I was very interested,” he added.


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