Britney almost lost her new album to fire

Melbourne: Britney Spears’ newly recorded material nearly missed devastation when a fire broke out at her producer`s Los Angeles studio.

Superstar producer Rusko - whose real name is Christopher Mercer - was able to salvage the recordings after his home studio caught fire when a car parked in his garage exploded, according to World Entertainment News Network.

"Thank God I grabbed my hard drives," quoted Rusko as tweeting.

"We`re all safe thank the lord," the English producer added.

The singer`s agent, Adam Leber, recently tweeted about the progress of Spears` upcoming album.

"Brit is recording a big big BIG new song on Friday with MaxMartin & TheDrLuke. I`m pretty sure it`s a smash!" Leber said of the work for her seventh album, a follow-up to the 2008 "Circus."