Gay, lesbian couples have happier children

New York: A new study has found that kids who have two moms or dads are happier than the ones who have a mom and dad as parents.

University of Melbourne researchers surveyed 315 same-sex parents, with a total of 500 kids, and found that children of such parents beat the general population by 6 percent in terms of health and family cohesion, the New York Post reported.

Lead researcher Simon Crouch, who himself is parent to two children with his male partner, said the study was a measure that analysed how well the families got along, and it seemed that same-sex-parent families and their kids did really well, which had positive impacts on child health.

There was a dark side to the issue though, and Crouch added that the stigma, such as letters home from school addressed to Mr. and Mrs., could be subtle, or it can be overt and very harmful, in the form of bullying and abuse at school. The more stigmas such families went through, the greater was the impact on the social and emotional well-being of children.

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