Older adults excel in knowledge-based skills

Older adults possess important forms of skills as certain things take a long time to learn and therefore employing the elderly may be hugely beneficial to organisations, new research suggests.

Here's why you mistake strangers for familiar faces

Neuroscientists, including an Indian-origin researcher from Johns Hopkins University, have pinpointed a part of the brain that helps you decipher memory from new experiences.

PM Narendra Modi to inaugurate 'Speaker's Research Initiative' today
PM Narendra Modi to inaugurate 'Speaker's Research Initiative' today

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will on Thursday inaugurate an initiative here to help the lawmakers get expert advise from domain experts to develop a better perspective on issues and subjects under consideration of Parliament.

Night shifts increases cancer risk: Study

Higher levels of sex hormones at the 'wrong' time may be blamed for increased cancer risk in night shift workers, says a new study.

New fathers gain extra fat: Study

While tracking the weight of over 10,000 men from adolescence to young adulthood, it has been found that men gain enough fat after they become fathers for the first time and it raises in them the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer, a study says.

Most obese people likely to stay fat

 Casting aspersions on the effectiveness of current weight management programmes focused on dieting and exercise, it has been found that chances of obese people recovering normal body weight are very slim, shows research.

Study finds pesticide residues in mother's milk in Sirsa

Mother's milk is said to be the purest form of milk but unfortunately this vision has been shattered as pesticides are there in mother's milk. 

This is how your brain navigates even in dark

A new research has found a region of the brain that enables humans to do anything and navigate us in our every small task.

Access to nature boosts older adults' quality of life

A new research has revealed that nature promotes physical, mental, and spiritual healing especially in older adults who stay close to natural environment.

Say no to vitamin B12 to keep pimples at bay

Tired of pimples on your skin? A new research claims that staying away from vitamin B12 will keep off painful acne.

Japan aims to resume Antarctic whaling later this year

Japan aims to resume whale hunts in the Antarctic later this year, even though the International Whaling Commission says Tokyo hasn't proven that the mammals need to be killed for research.

DNA: WiFi radiation can cause serious health issues, reveals research

WiFi radiation can cause serious health issues including brain tumour, reveals study conducted by researchers from top universities in India.

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Groups can catch lies better than individuals

Groups are consistently more accurate in distinguishing truths from lies than one individual, according to a new study.

IIT topper rejected job offer from Microsoft and opted for this
IIT topper rejected job offer from Microsoft and opted for this

An IIT Kharagpur B.Tech student, who topped across all departments in the institute, has rejected a lucrative job offer from an MNC to remain in academics.

Financial dependence can make your partner cheat on you!
Financial dependence can make your partner cheat on you!

Did you know that economic dependence on his or her partner incites a person to cheat on them?

US policies to boost organ donations don`t work: Study

Government policies aimed at increasing the number of organ donors in the United States have fallen flat, and bolder steps are needed to fix an urgent public health crisis, researchers said Monday.

India to have 70 supercomputers for high-level research by 2022
India to have 70 supercomputers for high-level research by 2022

The Indian government has begun the process of having 70 supercomputers in the country, which will enable research in different fields ranging from climate, defence and other areas, which a normal computer is ill-equipped for.

More research needed in nano-technology: Experts

Experts from various fields of medicine on Saturday spoke on the need for more research in areas of nano-technology and integration between the various systems of medicine.