Sharon demanded divorce from Ozzy

London: Singer Sharon Osbourne wanted to end marriage with husband Ozzy Osbourne after he revealed that he was back on drugs.

The couple`s 31-year-old marriage hit a rough patch earlier this year after the news of Ozzy`s drug use was revealed. However, they got back together later.

According to, Sharon shared the experience in her autobiography "Unbreakable".

"As soon as he spoke he was cocky and arrogant. There didn`t seem one shred of remorse. Something snapped. I thought, `I can`t carry his shit any more. It`s what I have always done, and I`m tired.` I said, `I want a divorce`. He didn`t look shocked," Sharon wrote.

"I don`t think he believes me, but at the time I meant it wholeheartedly. I was expecting him to be mortified," she added.

The couple has two children- Kelly and Jack.