Robotic rehab could help stroke patients achieve increased mobility

Researchers have proved successfully that robot-assisted therapy can help stroke patients to achieve increased mobility.

Low-cost tips to help seniors live independently at home

Losing mobility and thereby one’s independence is one of the difficulties seniors have to face.

Dance: A new hope for Parkinson`s patients!

Parkinson`s patients can raise their mobility through dancing, according to a new study.

Strength training in old age maintains mobility

Regular strength (resistance) training in old age is important in order to maintain mobility and to manage everyday tasks independently.

Coming soon: Common mobility card for commuters

Government is planning to
introduce a common mobility card for commuters for use in
different types of transport in cities across the country.

Punjab unveils mobility plan for cities

Punjab has taken the lead in the country launching a comprehensive mobility plan (CMP) for urban areas that have over two lakh population.