Carrie Underwood not ready to have kids

London: Former `American Idol` winner Carrie Underwood is not ready to start a family because she does not want the responsibility yet.

Underwood, 29, who married hockey player Mike Fisher two years ago, says neither of them feel this is the right time to start a family, reported Contactmusic.

"We`re both so busy and it would be weird to have that much - you know, there`s another person depending on you," the country singer said.

The `Undo It` hitmaker already has a lot on her plate with her pet pooches but says it is not the same level of commitment as having a child.

"I can leave the babies.. Oh.. The dogs at the daycare for a couple days if I have to go out of town so it`s easy," she said.

With too hectic careers Underwood and Fisher are often separated for long periods but the singer said that she does not mind their time apart.

"It`s so nice to miss him, and it`s so nice to be happy every time I see him. We really cherish the time we have together," she said.