Cowell can’t stop nose from running when he laughs

London: ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ judge Amanda Holden has revealed an embarrassing secret of Simon Cowell - he suffers a disgusting bodily malfunction when he laughs.

The music mogul is often left red-faced when he hears a side-splitting joke as he can’t chortle without nasal mucus running down his face.

In a desperate bid to avoid a barrage of teasing from friends and family, he’s adopted a fake “showbiz laugh” - and pinches his nose to preserve his dignity whenever he howls uncontrollably.

“(When someone tells a joke) Simon is there, literally snotting into his hand. Liquid comes out of his face when he is really laughing. He pinches his nose to stop himself,” the Daily Express quoted Holden as telling TV show ‘This Morning’.

“You know everyone has a showbiz laugh and then everyone’s got a real laugh? He’s got a real laugh that he has to pinch his nose for, otherwise snot comes out!” she said.


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