Crowe undergoes leg treatment

Updated: May 06, 2010, 19:17 PM IST

London: Actor Russell Crowe has finally decided to undergo treatment to repair the Achilles tendon he injured while filming ‘Mystery, Alaska’ over 10 years ago.

Crowe, 46, suffered a series of injuries to the tendon while filming the 1998 ice hockey movie and he’s been in chronic pain ever since.

Doctors initially suggested he undergo an operation to repair the sports injury, but he was scared off the idea after being warned there was a small chance he could be left with a permanent limp.

“I’ve been managing that (injury) for over a decade. I’ve actually shredded the tendon itself so blood can’t get in to repair it,” the Daily Express quoted him as saying.

“There is an operation where they’ll detach it for you and clean it up and stick it back on but there’s a 10 percent chance you will walk with a well-defined limp, and I’ve already got the limp,” he said.

But now he is finally letting doctors do their job, and he’s enduring painful treatments to repair his leg for good.

“The technology has caught up and I’m doing this series of things at the moment where they take the blood out of my arm and they inject it directly into the tendon... it’s significantly painful,” he added.