Ex-addict Ozzy`s genome map to reveal why he`s still alive

Melbourne: The mystery of why Ozzy Osbourne has survived years of drug and alcohol abuse may finally be busted -the former Black Sabbath star is set to have his full genome sequenced.

Ozzy`s genome could not only reveal vital information that may come handy in the prevention of diseases but also shed light into the ways the body absorbs drugs.

Before he reformed, the rocker, 61, survived decades of substance abuse.

He bit the head off a bat while intoxicated on stage and had to have rabies jabs afterwards.

Ozzy has a genetic disorder similar to Parkinson`s disease, and was committed to a mental institution.

He also broke his neck in a quad bike accident after which he was placed in a chemically induced coma.

"Sequencing and analysing individuals with extreme medical histories provides the greatest potential scientific value," The Daily Telegraph quoted Nathan Pearson, director of research at Knome, a Massachusetts company that will map the singer`s genome using a blood sample, as telling The Times.



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