Experts feel Jennifer Aniston’s secret to youthful skin is Botox

Washington: Former ‘Friends’ star Jennifer Aniston’s claim that she used Botox only once and never again has come into question from experts, who believe that she is using some anti-aging aids to keep her skin looking youthful.

Aniston, 42, had said that she hates the “hard effect” Botox has, and insisted that she uses only skin serums and regular facials to keep her skin youthful.

But during her recent appearance on Bravo’s ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio’, her face seemed somewhat stiff and wrinkle-free, leading some experts to wonder if she had partaken in some modern anti-aging aids.

“She may have had some Botox to her forehead, brow, and crows’ feet to minimize wrinkling in these areas,” Fox News quoted Chicago-area plastic surgeon Dr. Sreekant Cherukuri, who does not treat Aniston, as saying.

“It also looks like she certainly could have had dermal filler, either Restylane, Juvederm or Radiesse to her nasolabial folds and cheek regions to provide youthful volume,” he said.

After watching a video clip of her appearance on the program several times, Chicago-area plastic surgeon Dr. Peter Geldner also felt that Aniston has seemingly used Botox and some other modern beauty secrets.

“Ms. Aniston has diminished activity of the upper lip in spontaneous speech. You can scarcely see her upper incisors,” Geldner, who does not treat Aniston, said.

“There are several potential reasons for this; the most likely are fillers of the upper lip and nasolabial folds which stiffen the tissues preventing their movement—or Botox in the upper lip of area around the nose.

“You can almost see her push up on the upper lip with the lower lip,” he added.

However, another plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn disagreed, and credited Aniston’s good genes for her youthful appearance.


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