I`m finally at peace with my body, says Jane Fonda

Updated: Mar 07, 2013, 15:47 PM IST

London: Oscar-winning actress Jane Fonda, who has struggled with eating disorders for most of her life, says she has at last made peace with her body.

The 75-year-old actress said she takes twice-daily yoga sessions and recently went through a week-long cleansing regime, avoiding all dairy products, red meat, wheat and coffee, reported Daily Express.

"For a woman, making peace with your body is a work in progress. I have spent time in therapy, written books that have helped me heal ? as well as helped others. For me, healing meant understanding that good enough is good. We don`t have to be perfect," she said.

Fonda said she had suffered eating disorders from the age of 12, veering between a series of food binges and purges.

"I started the year with a week-long cleanse ? no coffee, dairy, red meat or wheat. Instead I had lots of juices, vegetables, chicken and fish, oats, beans and cleansing teas.

"I`m still basically eating that way now, and will probably never go back to coffee. I eat fish, especially salmon and tuna, three times a week. This is really good for older people," she said.

The actress recently released a yoga DVD.