I’m a hypochondriac: Ozzy Osbourne

Melbourne: English singer Ozzy Osbourne had said that he is a hypochondriac and is always paranoid he is going to get ill.

The lead vocalist of heavy metal band Black Sabbath tries to prevent himself from getting sick by exercising regularly.

“I’m a hypochondriac. I love exercise though, I like breaking out in a sweat. I don`t do stretching or any of that s**t, I go on the cross-trainer of the bike,” The Daily Telegraph quoted Osbourne as saying.

Osbourne has given up junk food and tries to only consume organic products, according to Bang! showbiz.

“I don`t like junk food any more. But it`s easy for me to say that, I can afford all the organic stuff. If you can feed a big family a bucket of KFC chicken for 10 bucks then you`ll do that. Not everyone can afford the healthy organic s**t they say we`re meant to eat,” the 61-year-old star admitted.



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