Kelly Brook reveals the secrets behind her curvaceous figure

Updated: Jun 23, 2012, 14:54 PM IST

New Delhi: Actor Kelly Brook, known for her curvy figure, says she would never go for a strict diet because it’s unhealthy. “If you’re doing a diet for six weeks, there’s no point you’ll be back where you started soon after you stop. I could never cut out a food group like diary, it’s not sustainable. You need a healthy relationship with your whole lifestyle,” Brook told Look Magazine.

The 32-year-old works out regularly to maintain her curves, reports

“I try to workout a couple of times a week, if I have time. Core fitness is really important, so I do pilates or yoga once a week. I have to work hard on my stomach and legs and I do a lot of cardio if I want to tone up fast,” she was quoted as saying.