LeAnn Rimes’ trainer defends her ‘too skinny’ physique

Washington: LeAnn Rimes’s fitness trainer, Michael Jackson has denied the rumours that the star is suffering from anorexia or bulimia, and said that she is not that skinny after all.

“I know it really bothers her,” Jackson told Fox News.

“A lot of people see pictures of LeAnn and assume certain things. But we’re in the process of putting a video together that she’ll post to her blog so that people will see what it is that we’re doing to get her in shape,” he said.

“It’ll probably go live sometime next month—we haven’t set an exact date. I know she’s really anxious to show people—excuse my French—that she takes her s**t seriously,” Jackson, who has been working with Rimes for about 10 months, explained.

Jackson wants people to understand that Rimes has worked hard for her lean physique.

“She’s really focused, and I think that’s what a lot of people don’t see—all the hard work and dedication that she’s put in,” he said. “(Her weight) is not an issue—this is (a result of) her lifestyle,” he added.


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