Lindsay Lohan in a `mess`

Updated: Apr 27, 2010, 10:01 AM IST

New York: It looks like Lindsay Lohan is going through a rough time.

The `Mean Girls` star has been banned from several high-end LA nightclubs.

And after three aborted rehab stints, the singer-actress has an outstanding debt of 600,000dollars, with no work at all.

A source, who spotted Lindsay at last weekend`s Coachella music festival in California, said: "Lindsay appeared wasted all day Friday.

"She looked a mess. Her hair was lanky, she`s too thin, and her eyes were glazed. She kept losing her temper over the slightest thing."

Just the night before, she was seen drinking vodka and smoking cigarettes at Bar 210 in Beverly Hills, where her ex, Ronson, was DJ`ing.

"She could hardly walk, but she made it onto the dance floor and positioned herself in front of Sam, who was clearly not interested," the New York Post quoted an eyewitness, as saying.

The informer added: "Lindsay was all over the place."

Another insider said: "She will look you in the eye and say, `I`ve only taken cocaine twice and I`m not a big drinker.`

"And even when you say, `Come on Lindsay, we know that`s not true,` she will continue to lie. Or you get accused of negativity. You can`t win; it`s a pointless conversation."

Even former pals such as Paris Hilton are careful about their image when they accompany Lindsay.

Radar Online senior editor Maxine Page said: "Paris and Lindsay are frenemies.

"They were hanging out at a club last week and left to go to a party in the Hollywood Hills at 4:30 in the morning. But they didn``t walk into the club together. Paris is remarkably smart about how she wants to be perceived."

Looks like her mum Dina, who calls the 23-year-old Lindsay "this child", has consciously chosen to ignore reality.

Taking about Lindsay`s 600,000dollar credit-card debt, Dina told Radar Online: "Yes, Lindsay will spend money, but she has people that run what she does.

"We kind of cleaned house . . . And in the interim, you know, a bill may be a little late or not, you know, but that`s pretty normal."

And now Lohan has found a new addiction - Twitter.

She usually posts frequently at around 2 am, and then deletes most of these next afternoon.

"I call it crank-tweeting," said Lainey Liu, who chronicles young Hollywood on her blog,

Liu added: "I would suspect that the reason she does that is she`s out of her mind on something. I`ll wake up and screen-cap them, because once Lindsay wakes up and realizes what she did, she deletes them all. She`s famous for it."

E! Online columnist Ted Casablanca said: "I think, in the back of her mind, she is clinging to a real prospect....that if she got her act together and really did rehab, of course she could have a great career. Like, `One day, when I get tired of designing leggings and pretending to drink water at clubs, it`ll be there.` I don`t know, will it?"