No plastic surgery for Emily Mortimer

London: Unlike her contemporaries in the world of showbiz, actress Emily Mortimer has no plans of going for plastic surgery to maintain her stunning looks.

The 38-year-old actress who has two children with actor Alessandro Nivola admits that it feels good to look 15 years younger but she can`t go under the knife just for the sake of looking younger, The Guardian reported.

"I would love to suddenly look 15 years younger – I don`t know who wouldn`t - but it plays with your head a little bit. I couldn`t carry it off mentally," Emily said.

"Also, you can tell. I think they look worse with surgery. Everyone looks the same and you have your insecurity about ageing written on your face. Of course, we`re all insecure about ageing, but if you can pretend not to care, it`s quite sexy", she added.

The `Shutter Island` star also expressed concern about the odd-shaped jaw of her six months old daughter who resembled her father.

"It was such a freak jaw. I was living in dread that was going to emerge, but she`s gorgeous. I bore people with how brilliant the children are. Because it doesn`t seem like they are connected to you at all. It`s like a stork brought them. You realise this the minute they come out. This person is already who they are and they are already brilliant and
I`ve had no impact on it whatsoever," Emily said.



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