Richard Branson injures knee in skiing accident

Virgin Airlines owner Richard Branson injured his knee in a skiing accident in Switzerland, he wrote on his blog.

The tycoon ruptured a ligament on New Year`s Day after colliding with a teenager on the slopes, reports

"I was run into by a teenager while skiing on New Year`s Day and completely ruptured my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament)," Branson wrote on his blog.

"I had an operation within 24 hours and a new ACL was screwed in. Normally it takes nine months to fully recover but I`m working hard to be back on my feet as soon as possible."

"I`m excited for the busy year ahead. I`m actually quite dangerous with my legs up (I get an idea a minute!). Luckily I`ve a notebook in one hand and a phone in the other - not so lucky for my team," Branson added.