Sonam Kapoor down with typhoid

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: It seems that Bollywood beauty Sonam Kapoor is going through a rough phase in life. Recently, the actress suffered an attack of typhoid in Canada where she was shooting for her forthcoming flick ‘Thank You’, but ignored it thinking that it was just ordinary illness.

However, Sonam got seriously ill on her return to India. According to reports, the actress was shooting for a commercial in Mumbai recently when she suffered a relapse of typhoid. Her blood tests confirmed typhoid and doctors have advised the actress complete bed rest for some days. Her father Anil Kapoor is very worried for her and denied her the permission to resume her film shoot until she recovers thoroughly.

Talking to a news daily, a source close to the actress said, “She has been terribly ill for more than a month now. Her parents have been going through hell because of it. They didn`t realise she had got typhoid in Canada while shooting for Anees Bazmee`s ‘Thank You’. They were to shoot at Niagara Falls but Sonam was vomiting and shivering so badly that Anees, seeing her in that state, cancelled the shoot for a day.”

The worried source added, “At the time, her parents thought it was some stomach infection and fever. It was only when Sonam resumed shooting (this time, in India for a commercial) that she suffered a relapse and had to go for blood tests. It was then discovered that she actually had typhoid. She even had to get a sonography test done for various illnesses till they finally discovered that she had got a relapse. Anil and Sunita have been extremely worried but Sonam is finally getting the correct treatment."

When enquired about her illness, an unwell Sonam said, "It’s true that I had typhoid in Canada and didn’t realise it there but discovered it when I suffered a relapse in India. Though I felt very unwell there I continued to shoot as I didn’t want to jeopardise anyone’s shoot as there were combination dates involved. I am better now and shot for an ad yesterday."

Well, here’s wishing good health to Sonam.