Winehouse falls on her face, hospitalised

Updated: Apr 28, 2010, 14:17 PM IST

London: Amy Winehouse had to be taken to a hospital after she suffered a fall at her London home.

The singer received medication at the private clinic in London`s Harley Street, after falling on her face.

According to the doctors, she received a cut above her eye and bruised ribs.

"She had an accident and tripped over at her home. She ended up with a cut above her eye and bruised her ribs. She`s going to be fine," the Mirror quoted Winehouse’s spokesperson, as saying.

However, it hasn’t been confirmed whether she is discharged from the hospital.

The rep added: "I don`t know if she`s still there. If she is, it`s not because something has happened. It`s because it`s nice."

The clinic is apparently the same private hospital where Winehouse underwent breast implant surgery seven months ago.