Five simple ways to prevent thyroid in women

Thyroid controls every single cell in the body and is known as a person's metabolic master. 

Five simple ways to prevent thyroid in women

Delhi: Thyroid controls every single cell in the body and is known as a person's metabolic master. If a person does not have enough of thyroid hormone, then every system in the body slows down.

This results in fatigue, weight gain, constipation, hair loss, among other things.

It is said that though there’s a genetic component to thyroid disease, one can do certain things in order to stay healthy.

Following are some steps:

One should not indulge in starvation diets. As per a study published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, fasting resulted in a 53 percent reduction in serum T3 levels, which is active thyroid hormone that increases metabolism and a 58 percent increase in reverse T3 (RT3) levels, which block thyroid hormone. It a body is getting low calorie, then it conserves energy and then may convert 50 percent or more of essential thyroid hormone into metabolic waste.

- One should not indulge in excessive endurance exercise. It is said that long distance runs and spinning makes cortisol levels high inhibiting the conversion of the less active thyroid hormone T4 to the metabolically-potent hormone T3. Moreover, RT3 levels are raised and this acts as the defensive team blocking a body's thyroid hormone from getting into the cell. Thus, belly fat may be boosted and metabolically active muscle may be decreased, reducing thyroid hormone and increasing cravings for comfort foods.

- One must protect oneself against X-rays as the thyroid gland is one of the organs most sensitive to the risk of radiation. According to a study from National Cancer Institute, it was revealed that those who had dental X-rays were twice as likely to develop thyroid cancer and patients who received more than ten X-rays had more than five times the risk of developing cancer compared to those who had not had any dental X-rays.

- Smoking is a no, no as those with a predisposition for thyroid disease may be at greater health risk because of it. Components of smoke, like thiocyanate and nicotine can lead to increased excretion of iodine. This affects a person's thyroid’s performance. 

- Prevention is better than cure. If a person has a family history of thyroid disease, then he/she should go for a test for these. 

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