Harry Reid slams Romney’s bipartisanship pledge as ‘laughable’

Republican Mitt Romney bipartisanship promise was dubbed as ‘fantasy’ and ‘laughable’.

Washington: Republican Mitt Romney may have promised bipartisanship in his closing argument in the 2012 presidential contest, but one of his harshest critics has called his pledge a ‘fantasy’ and ‘laughable’.
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (Democrat-Nevada) said that “he and the ‘Democratic caucus’ have already shot down most of the things over which Romney says he could find cross-aisle agreement”.
“Mitt Romney’s fantasy that Senate Democrats will work with him to pass his ``severely conservative`` agenda is laughable,” Reid said.

“In the past few months, we have voted down many of the major policies that Mitt Romney has run on, from the Ryan plan to end Medicare as we know it, to the Blunt Amendment to deny women access to contraception, to more tax giveaways for millionaires and billionaires, to a draconian spending plan that would gut critical services for seniors and the most vulnerable Americans," Reid said.

"Mitt Romney has demonstrated that he lacks the courage to stand up to the Tea Party, kowtowing to their demands time and again. There is nothing in Mitt Romney’s record to suggest he would act any differently as president," the Huffington Post quoted Reid, as saying.

"As governor of Massachusetts, he had a terrible relationship with Democrats, cordoning himself off behind a velvet rope instead of reaching out to build relationships," he added.

According to the report, Reid has been a strong critic of Romney during the campaign, often bringing up the former Massachusetts governor’s taxes and driving weeks of discussion over whether or not Romney even paid taxes.

The Romney campaign did not immediately respond to Reid``s comments.


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