Bribe case: BJP calls for judicious approach

support to Defence Minister A K Antony on issues of military preparednesa and procurement BJP on Tuesday suggested adopting a judicious approach.

New Delhi: support to Defence Minister A K Antony on issues of military preparedness, procurement and modernisation, BJP on Tuesday suggested adopting a judicious approach on these in the wake of allegations of corruption.

"Over the last few months facts, which have been coming
out in public domain are indeed disturbing... issues which
should be settled in closed doors are now becoming a matter of
unnecessary public debates, which in subject of armed forces
is to be avoided," Leader of the Opposition in the Rajya
Sabha Arun Jaitley said.

Raising the issue of Army Chief Gen V K Singh`s allegation
that he was offered bribe of Rs 14 crore for passing a
contract for sub-standard vehicles, he said the government
should take steps to end quickly the impression that "there is
eventually civilian control of armed forces".

On why the Defence Minister or the Army Chief did not act
at the time the issue was raised, Jaitley questioned, "Is this
an issue both of whom have put blinkers on their eyes and not
inquired into the matter at all...Then we are learning to live
with corruption."

The Leader of the Opposition said, "We are completely with
you if you want to cleanse", but said "defence preparedness
and procurement and modernisation should not hamper".

"Such tendency is hurting the country`s defence
preparedness ... Therefore, we must adopt a judicious
approach," he said.

His party colleague S S Ahluwalia expressed confidence in
Antony but asked the terms of reference of the CBI inquiry.

Balbir Punj (BJP) said, "You are taking action on anonymous
complaints. Here, the Army Chief is coming and complaining to
you and then what action are you taking..."