Lack of Vitamin D can lead to depression

 A new study has found that lack of Vitamin D is not only harmful for physical health, but it may also impact mental health, leading to depression.

Know why running is good for health!

Running is one of the most effective form of exercise to get fit and stay in good health.  

Spirituality can speed up patients' recovery

 When there is little hope, meaning and purpose in a patient's life, spirituality plays a key role in the patient's recovery from illness, finds a fascinating study.

Virtual reality can identify serial sexual offenders

Virtual reality may predict both the behaviour of sex offenders and the effectiveness of therapies they have undergone, a study shows.

Smartphone app to analyse speech, mental health

 A new smartphone app can analyse your speech and use it to gain information about your mental health, scientists say.

Medically examine man who levelled charges against judges: Madras HC

 The Madras High Court on Saturday directed the police to get a man, who had repeatedly filed "vexatious" petitions levelling charges against its judges, medically examined to ascertain his mental health.

Teenage self-harm leads to mental problems in adulthood

Those who inflict harm upon themselves as teenagers face an increased risk of developing mental health and substance misuse problems as adults, a research has revealed.

Eating fruit and vegetables makes you happy

Australian researchers said Wednesday that eating large amounts of fruit and vegetables can make you happier.

Kids whose parents understand their daily experiences have better mental health

A new study has revealed that kids whose parents can better understand the daily experiences of teens have better psychological adjustment and mental health.

Need to provide adequate mental health services to children

Child rights experts on Monday stressed on the need to provide adequate mental health services for children in institutional child care in order to ensure their smooth and meaningful social inclusion.

Rap music can help combat mental health issues

A new study has claimed that listening to rap music can help combat mental health issues.

Emphasis on awareness on mental diseases

Observation of World Mental Health Day in Nagaland today emphasised on the need to conduct more programmes to create awareness on mental diseases so that stigma attached to it could be curbed.

National policy on mental health launched

The union health ministry Friday launched the country's first ever mental health policy to provide access to good quality treatment to mentally ill people with the focus on those living in poverty.

Psychiatrists ask PM to launch awareness campaign on mental illness

Concerned over an alarming rise in suicide cases in India, leading psychiatrists and mental health experts Thursday made a plea to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to launch a nationwide awareness campaign to remove the social stigma associated with mental illnesses.

Psychological abuse more harmful for kids than sexual abuse

Kids who are emotionally abused and neglected face similar and at times worse mental health problems than children who are physically or sexually abused, a new study indicates.

Four reasons why you should include wheat grain in your diet

Wheat grain has been a valuable food for thousands of years. The whole wheat bread packs the nutrition of all three components of the wheat grain. 

How to prevent depression risk among teens

If you wish to shield your kids from depression, driving home the point that personalities can be changed may help, a study suggests.

App to read your state of mind

Your phone may now automatically know if you are depressed, stressed or lonely as researchers have developed an app that reveals mental health, performance and behaviour of users.

Supportive partner at home key to avoid job stress

Do not just blame tough deadlines, demanding bosses or abusive colleagues for burnouts at work. Having an understanding partner at home is just as important as having a supportive boss for a satisfying work experience.

Walking or cycling to work improves wellbeing: Study

Walking or cycling to work is better for people's mental health than driving, according to a new UK study.