Digital intoxication in kids can affect physical, mental health

Increasing digital intoxication in children and adolescents can have grave implications on their physical and mental health.

Quitting smoking boosts mental health

Quitting smoking after a heart attack has immediate benefits, including less chest pain, better quality of daily life and improved mental health, scientists have found.

'Up to 10 percent Australian children suffering from mental health problems'

A ground-breaking Australian study has revealed as many as 10 percent of children suffer a mental health disorder during childhood, with up to one in 13 children considering suicide.

Over two hours on Facebook daily bad for kids' memory

Spending more than two hours daily on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram can put your kids at the risk of developing poor mental health, high psychological distress and even suicidal thoughts, new research shows.

Less than one mental health worker per 10000 people globally: WHO

Nearly 1 in 10 people worldwide have mental health disorder, but only one per cent of the global health workforce is working in the area, the WHO said today with a top official underlining that a country of India's size needs about ten times more specialists than it currently has.

A walk in nature could battle depression

Taking a walk in natural surroundings could lead to a lower risk of depression, a new study has found.

DGCA panel to consult pilots on norms for assessing their mental health

A DGCA-appointed panel, set up to formulate norms for assessing the mental health of pilots, has decided to consult pilots across airlines and other stake holders before giving a final shape to the new regulations.

Kiwi blackcurrants good for brain

New Zealand blackcurrants are good for keeping us mentally young and agile, finds a study.

Here's how you may keep Alzheimer's at bay

 Many programs have been designed around the scientific evidence over the time that may help in preventing Alzheimer's disease.

Let it all out: 6 reasons why crying is good for your health!

Ritu Singh

''What soap is for the body, tears are for the soul''

New App to relieve post-quake stress

A new mental health app is designed to help quake victims recover from trauma and promote general well being.

Exercise helps people overpower depression

Exercise has a positive effect on depression, a dissertation from Sweden's Sahlgrenska Academy has revealed.

Mila Kunis' stalker on the lam post escaping 'secured' mental health facility
Mila Kunis' stalker on the lam post escaping 'secured' mental health facility

A man who has been convicted of stalking Mila Kunis two times is on the run after escaping from a Californian mental health facility.

US to review pilot mental health issues after Germanwings crash

US aviation regulators announced on Wednesday a study of the mental health of US airline pilots in the wake of the Germanwings and Malaysia Airlines disasters.

People with psychosis at increased heart disease risk

 People suffering from psychosis, a mental health problem that causes people to lose contact with reality, are likely to have high levels of cardiovascular risk factors such as excessive fat around the stomach, says new research.

HC questions implementation of maternal health schemes by Govt

Delhi High Court has asked the Centre and the city government whether various maternal health and child development schemes are being properly implemented, in the wake of death of a woman and her new-born baby allegedly after not being given necessary medical care.

Childhood bullying has worse effects on mental health: Lancet

Those who are bullied by peers in childhood are around five times more likely to experience anxiety and are nearly twice as likely to report more depression and self-harm at the age of 18 than children who are maltreated by adults, the findings showed.

Kim Kardashian makes mental health awareness documentary
Kim Kardashian makes mental health awareness documentary

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is making her production debut with a mental health awareness documentary called #RedFlag.

Facebook users may have 'optimistic bias'
Facebook users may have 'optimistic bias'

Facebook users may perceive that bad things are more likely to happen to others, while good things are more likely to happen to them than to anyone else, a new study has found.

Facebook can worsen or improve mental health

 Facebook can either help people recover from mental health problems or make their symptoms worse, a new research shows, adding that the key is to use the social networking tool cautiously and strategically.