`Special` books by OUP at World Book Fair in centenary year

The publishing giant is also be bringing out new publishing initiatives this year.

New Delhi: Late President S Radhakrishnan`s
"Essentials of Psychology", that was first published in 1912
is being republished to mark the centenary celebrations of the
Oxford University Press (OUP).

The book, which was among the first to be brought out by
the publishing house in India, is being reissued at the
ongoing World Book Fair that was inaugurated here yesterday.

"We have a growing history of publishing from 1912 that
we want to showcase a little more widely.

Radhakrishnan`s book
is a symbol of history and at the World Book Fair we are
bringing out a special reissue of the first book published by
us," Manzar Khan, managing director, Oxford University Press

The big Oxford School Atlas that was first published in
1915 is also being republished in a 33rd edition a special
centenary year edition.

The publishing giant is also be bringing out new
publishing initiatives this year.

"New editions of enduring works from a century will be
brought out. The special Oxford India Perennials will include
Girish Karnad`s play "Tughlaq". He will also be publishing his
memoirs with us this year," says Khan.

We are also coming out with a new version of the 1998
published book "India`s economic reforms and development:
Essays for Manmohan Singh."

"The festschrift will have essays from top economists and
thinkers," says Khan.

In keeping with the World Book Fair`s theme of cinema and
literature, the publishing house is also bringing out a book
exploring the relationship between Literature and Film in the
Indian context involving three iconic figures of the country-
Rabindranath Tagore, Premchand and Satyajit Ray.

"Books by Rachel Dawyer who has written on Bollywood and
titles like Hindi Action Cinema and about Telugu star
Chiranjeevi. Other titles that would be displayed at the fair
are by books on Gurudutt and a wide range of titles on films,"
says Khan.

Works by AK Ramanujan, whose essay triggered a
controversy over its inclusion in the undergraduate syllabus
in the Delhi University will also be available at the Book

"All Ramanujan books will be available on sale at the
Fair. They were out of stock at some point of time but are
available now," says Khan.

Translations of contemporary writings into 13 key
languages are also being showcased by the publishing house.
These include Malayalam novel "Indulekha", the Punjabi dalit
autobiography "Changiya Rukh" and a tribal novel "Kocharethi:
The Araya Women".

Works of authors like Ashish Nandy, Andre Beteille,
Sudhir Kakar amd Romila Thapar as well as books on school
education and higher education is also showcased at the Fair.


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