Modi hiring PR firms to boost his image: Digvijay

Congress leader Digvijay Singh on Thursday attacked Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi for his "false claims" about development of the state.

Updated: Apr 18, 2013, 17:24 PM IST

New Delhi: Attacking Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi for his "false claims" about development of the state, Congress leader Digvijay Singh on Thursday accused him of hiring public relations companies to boost his image and to spread wrong facts about the state.

Accusing Modi of spending huge amounts on his publicity, Singh said, "Today`s world is of media and public relations. Narendra Modi has given 300 million dollars to a PR agency...He has made wrong claims related to development of Gujarat but keeps saying that it is the best state."

Singh also said that Gujarat, unlike the claims made by Modi, has the lowest Human Development Index (HDI) in the country and is ridden with enormous debts.

Singh comments came during an address at the national convention of NGO Anhad on the topic of "India`s Descent into Fascism. How to stop it?"

Taking a jibe at Modi, Singh said, "I congratulate those who named Modi as `Feku` (bragger). I am surprised how much he boasts about himself. Unlike his claims, it is Maharashtra which attracted the highest FDI and not Gujarat. The per capita income of people in Gujarat is not the highest and it does not attract any investment in agriculture."

He said Gujarat is "ridden" with a huge debt, "but Modi claims that he will repay the debt of the Mother India."

Singh also cautioned against growing "fascist forces" and said, "If these fascist forces manage to come to power we all will suffer. We should have an independent platform where all anti-fascist forces can come together to defeat such forces."

Highlighting the need for a mechanism to stop communal violences, he said, "The present format of the Communal Violence Bill talks only about the post-riot scenario. It does not talk about its impression on young minds."

He also sought changes in school curriculum to promote harmony and secular thoughts among children.