Thinking of going the 'pill' way? Here's all you need to know

There is only one drug known so well worldwide, it is simply called 'the Pill'.

Zee Media Bureau/Udita Madan

There is only one drug known so well worldwide, it is simply called 'the Pill'. Birth control or contraceptive pills are the number-one prescribed medicinal drug in the world after aspirin.

Commonly used oral contraceptives consist of estrogen and progestin, components that represent natural hormones in the body. These substances together prevent the ovaries from releasing the egg each month. If taken correctly, these pills are one of the most efficacious birth control procedure as the possibility of getting pregnant is just 1%. 

There are however numerous of myths related to contraceptive pills. Below, we list a few unknown facts about the pills.

1. Regular intake of pills is mandatory to avoid pregnancy.

2. Birth control pills should always be taken after consulting a gynaecologist.

3. Diarrhoea or vomiting makes it difficult for the absorption of these pills.

4. Oral contraceptive pills do not safeguard you from sexually transmitted diseases (STD's).

5. Birth control pills are a strict no- no if you are suffering from migraine.

6. Birth control pills do not make you fat.

7. Birth control pills do not cause birth defects or affect health of future babies or to-be mothers.

8. It is mandatory to start your first pill in the first seven days of your menstrual period.

9. Birth control pills should not be used if you have delivered a baby less than six months ago and are breastfeeding.

10. All birth control pills are different from each other and you can't substitute one with the other without consulting a gynaecologist.

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