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Health News

Activation of brain receptors may motivate for physical activity

 Activation of brain receptors in its pleasure centre may serve as a future treatment to improve motivation for physical activity in postmenopausal women, a new study has revealed.

Give natural boost to immune system

The rainy season may affect the immune system, so it is important to keep yourself hydrated and eat lots of green vegetables, says an expert.

Zika virus: Florida steps up investigation after first local transmission

 Florida authorities stepped up "aggressive" investigations after health officials reported the first local transmission of the Zika virus in the country, a media report said on Saturday.

Moderate physical activity can prevent dementia

 An increase in physical activity can prevent new cases of dementia globally each year, a new study has revealed.

New material may revolutionise prosthetics, wearable technologies

 A team of researchers have developed new "metamaterials" that can solve problems like ill-fitting joint sockets, contact dermatitis and sebaceous cysts plaguing prosthetic patients for a long time.

Want to reduce inflammation? Eat handful of nuts everyday!

Researchers have found that greater nuts consumption is associated with lower levels of biomarkers of inflammation.

Rare gene mutation linked to oesophageal cancer discovered

Researchers at University Hospitals Case Medical Centre in the US, including Amitabh Chak, set out to identify novel disease susceptibility variants in familial Barrett oesophagus (FBO) in affected individuals from a large multigenerational family.

Breastfed preemies tend to be smarter

A new study at the Brigham and Women`s Hospital, which followed 180 pre-term infants from birth to age seven, found that babies who were fed more breast milk within the first 28 days of life had had larger volumes of certain regions of the brain at term equivalent and had better IQs, academic achievement, working memory and motor function.

This bio-sensor can detect stress, muscle fatigue

This sustainable, wearable bio-sensor takes advantage of trove of medical information present in human sweat and thereby detects these human conditions.

Know the signs and symptoms of pneumonia!

Pneumonia is a common respiratory condition that affects children.

6-year-old Omani girl treated for genetic disorder in Delhi

A six-year-old girl from Oman who developed a rare genetic disorder, characterised by distinctive malformation of the skull and facial region, has been given a new lease of life after a breakthrough surgery at a Delhi hospital.

US says 'high likelihood' of Zika spreading locally

 Health officials in Florida said on Friday there is a "high likelihood" that the state has the first cases of local Zika virus transmission by mosquitoes in the continental United States.

Premature infants more likely to develop chronic kidney disease

Acute kidney injury (AKI), or a rapid decline in kidney function, is common in premature infants which leads to higher likelihood of dying or of needing an extended stay in the hospital.

Soon, a cream that can ward off devastating superbugs!

The lotion prevents infection without directly killing bacteria and promoting antibiotic resistance, and could be ready for clinical trials in three years.

Breastfeeding ups brain development in preemies

The findings showed that infants who received predominantly breast milk on more days during their neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) hospitalisation also had larger deep nuclear gray matter volume equivalent to babies born full-term.

Scientists identify key protein that can predict ovarian cancer early!

 The new findings could not only help detect cancers early, but in some cases would enable doctors to detect a tumour before it becomes cancerous.

Here's how you can safely lose weight in one month without exercise!

 This one is specifically for those of you trying hard to shed off the extra kilos you have gained, but unble to do it due to your crazy, hectic work schedule.  

Researchers identify rare form of hereditary colon cancer

The researchers discovered genetic changes in the MSH3 gene in patients and identified a new form of colon cancer. 

Obesity, smoking may up poor life quality in lung disease patients

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) is a progressive medical condition occurring in critically ill patients characterised by widespread inflammation in the lungs. 

India should double coverage of HBV vaccine at birth: WHO

WHO representative to India, Henk Bekedam, described "the administration of Hepatitis B dose within 24 hours of birth as a key challenge."

26-year-old woman gives birth to rare conjoined twins in Mumbai hospital

 A 26-year-old woman has given birth to rare conjoined twins at BMC's Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Hospital, or Sion Hospital in Mumbai.

Amitabh Bachchan for higher public spending to prevent Hepatitis B

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan, who is surviving only on 25 per cent of his liver as the rest has been damaged by the deadly Hepatitis B virus, today called for higher budget spend to prevent the fatal disease.

Want soft and smooth heels? Try these five easy home remedies!

 We take special care of our skin, hair, face and hands but more often than not, tend to forget or, let's say ignore the important part, i.e., our feet. 

AMAZING WEIGHT LOSS TIP! Is this the fastest way to lose fat overnight?- Watch

Who doesn't want to lose those extra bulges from their waistline and have a healthy body?

Uplift your mood with smartphone-based exercises, says study!

Such applications could represent a useful addition to the psychotherapeutic options currently available.

Weight loss surgeries can increase risk of fractures: Study

We're talking about severely obese and overweight people. However, is this really the right route to take?

An hour of exercise a day may help you live longer

Physical inactivity is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes as well as some cancers and is associated with more than 5 million deaths per year.

Old e-cigarette device emits more harmful chemicals

The study from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) in the US found that e-cigarettes can lead to emissions of toxic chemicals such as acrolein and formaldehyde.

Baby care during monsoon: Tips to get rid of prickly heat rash in babies!

 Most prickly heat rashes disappear on its own in a few days unless the rash gets infected.

Online counselling - The new strategy to lose weight?

Using the Positive Online Weight Reduction (POWeR)+ online programme with very brief support from practice staff, participants lost over one kg more averaged over 12 months and were more likely to maintain clinically important weight loss by 12 months.