Talk positive and shed those extra pounds!

London: An expert claims that the key to successful dieting is in the language we use to talk about it.

According to happiness expert, Sophie Keller, whose self-ascribed “unusual” tips on maintaining ideal weight suggests that language, not deprivation, plays a key role in our success.

Keller said that the way we talk about our eating habits and dietary goals directly affects our ability to lose weight.

Keller, who counts Master Practitioner and Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, professional Feng Shui Consultant and Yoga Instructor among her many qualifications, believes negative language is often the reason we fail to achieve our objectives when it comes to health and diet.

Her somewhat questionable theory draws parallels between the commonly held fear of dying and our 21st century impatience, with our struggle to follow diets and shed the extra pounds.

“Most people have an innate fear of dying, so it is no wonder most of us struggle so hard with ‘die-ting’,” the Daily Mail quoted Keller as writing in the Huffington Post.

She said that because no one likes to “lose” or “wait” for anything in our fast-paced world, the expression “lose weight” is an unproductive way to think about trying to stay healthy.

She instead prescribes a more positive approach to dieting.

She said that choosing affirmative phrasing and vocabulary is more likely to produce results.

Instead of talking about what you’re going to do next week or in the new year, the self-help author suggests taking action immediately.

She believes that talking about the future implies “that you’re dreading this change” and encourages considering the decision to slim down as an exciting change in your life that you cannot wait to initiate.


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