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Why obese fathers tend to produce overweight daughters

Last Updated: Monday, April 07, 2014, 22:11

A new study, conducted on mice, has shown that obese fathers tend to produce daughters that are heavier because of an epigenetically altered breast tissue.

Genetic markers could help predict stroke in patients with heart disease

Last Updated: Monday, March 31, 2014, 11:49

Researchers at the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute in Salt Lake City have identified a biological process that could help physicians predict when someone with heart disease is likely to have a heart attack in the near future.

Gene family can suppress prostate cancer

Last Updated: Saturday, March 15, 2014, 14:43

Scientists have discovered direct genetic evidence that a family of genes are tumour suppressors.

Gene regulator that induces adult muscle stem cells to turn into `good fat` identified

Last Updated: Thursday, February 06, 2014, 15:49

Researchers have found a gene regulator called microRNA-133, which induces adult muscle stem cells to turn into muscle fiber and brown fat.

New test could help detect pancreatic cancer early

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 22, 2014, 14:29

A team of researchers have identified diagnostic microRNA panels in whole blood that had the ability to distinguish, to some degree, patients with and without pancreatic cancer.

Australian scientists find new breast cancer gene

Last Updated: Tuesday, November 12, 2013, 14:56

Australian scientists have claimed to have identified a genetic "switch" which indicates whether a woman`s breast cancer will spread.

Culprit behind hardening of arteries identified

Last Updated: Saturday, March 23, 2013, 17:45

A team of researchers have now identified a microRNA that plays a prominent role in Atherosclerosis - an inflammatory reaction which is the root of the most common forms of cardiovascular disease - and offers a promising target for new therapies.

Key discovery can help ward off prostate cancer

Last Updated: Thursday, January 17, 2013, 13:49

A key discovery involving a tiny microRNA molecule shows that it could ward off prostate cancer, giving hope to thousands of patients worldwide.

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