1 in 13 cancer patients in the world is from India: Report

India has around 1.8 million people suffering from cancer, with breast, cervical and oral cancers as the biggest killers.

Aspirin's disease-fighting abilities uncovered

In the study, researchers discovered the interaction between salicylic acid and HMGB1 by screening extracts prepared from human tissue culture cells to find proteins that could bind to salicylic acid.

Diamonds can help identify cancers early

Led by Professor David Reilly from the School of Physics, researchers investigated how nanoscale diamonds could help identify cancers in their earliest stages.

Selena Gomez reveals she has lupus! Here's what this autoimmune disease is

In the wake of the pop singer's announcement that she's been diagnosed with lupus, all her fans have been wondering about this disease.

Obese? Your grandfather could be blamed for it

 If you are obese, diabetic or have cancer, do not just blame the DNA for it. There could be other mechanisms involved which play a key role in transferring environmental memories down generations, a new study says.

Radiotherapy inaccessible to most people in low income nations

Radiotherapy treatment services are scarce in countries with low income.

'Polar micro-organisms may provide clues to cancer treatment'

The proteins could be applied in the cryo preservation of blood and organs, in the food industry, or to prevent the formation of plugs in oil and gas pipelines.

New way to cut off tumour's food supply and stop its growth

A team from Oxford University's Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics led by Dr Deborah Goberdhan studied the effects of the protein called PAT4 on cancerous cells.

Swedish author Henning Mankell loses battle to cancer
Swedish author Henning Mankell loses battle to cancer

Internationally acclaimed Sweden based crime writer, Henning mankell died on Monday at the age of 67 years.

Indian scientists developing sanitary napkins from jute

Indian scientists, led by B Adhikary, are developing sanitary napkins which could help in preventing cervical cancer.

Breast cancer: Lose weight to lower your risk

Being overweight doesn't just make you feel upset and frustrated. It can also have serious implications on your health. And one such ill effect of being obese is breast cancer.

Anti-cancer drug may sharpen memory

Researchers have found that a drug used in cancer therapy could also sharpen memory and help those with dementia by rewiring the brain and keeping neurons alive.

Anti-cancer drug may sharpen memory, treat Alzheimer's

There is good news for people with poor memory. Researchers have found that an anti-cancer drug currently being tested in animals may make it easier to learn a language, sharpen your memory and help those with Alzheimer's disease.

Five new genes linked to common brain cancer found

Scientists have discovered five new genetic variants associated with glioma - the most common form of brain cancer.

Taller people more prone to cancer: Study

Your chances of suffering from cancer are higher if you are tall, irrespective of your gender, says a large long-term study carried out in Sweden.

Researchers develop new method to trap cancer cells

An international team has discovered a new way to potentially "fence in" a tumour and help stop cancer cells spreading, according to a study released on Thursday by Cancer Research UK.

Six ways to reduce breast cancer risk!

Six ways to reduce breast cancer risk! 

Low radiation during CT scan can lower cancer chances

Low radiation during computed tomography (CT) scans can reduce the chances of cancer in patients undergoing treatment, doctors here said on Thursday.

Breast Cancer Awareness: Factors that may increase the risk of the disease

The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the pink ribbon is the most prominent symbol of breast cancer awareness. 

PM Modi tweets Asha Bhosle over her son's death
PM Modi tweets Asha Bhosle over her son's death

Veteran singer Asha Bhosle's son Hemant breathed his last on September 26, 2015 in Scotland. Hemant was a music composer by profession, and succumbed to the deadly disease on cancer, he was battling for the past three years.