Indian injured in firebomb attack by rioters dies

Four Indian nationals were injured when their house was attacked by a group of rioters with 40 Molotov cocktails.

Last Updated: Jun 12, 2012, 16:22 PM IST

Dubai: One of the four Indian nationals, who were injured when their house was attacked by a group of rioters with 40 Molotov cocktails, has died in Bahrain`s capital Manama, Indian embassy officials said.

30-year-old Valu Haridhas was among four Indians who were injured when a group of rioters attacked their accommodation in Nuwaidrat last month.

Haridhas, who suffered from third degree burns died yesterday, while three others Prem Sagar (43), Bhek Singh (48) and Narsaiah (40) were undergoing treatment.

Meanwhile, 41-year-old Indian driver Babu Rao Bommu has been found hanging in a room in Gudaibiya area of Manama.

Bommu, who hailed from Andhra Pradesh, was found dead days after running away from his employer, media reports said.

He is the 24th person known to have committed suicide in Bahrain this year, with about half of them being Indians.

Bommu had come to Bahrain last year and worked as a driver. He ran away from work and his whereabouts were not known. The company is, however, completing formalities to repatriate the body as he was still under its sponsorship.

Another 36-year-old Indian, who arrived in Bahrain two months ago, has died of a heart attack, reports said.

Empace Contracting and Trading Company plumber Jagat Narayan Rajbali died in his sleep Saturday night, a Gulf Daily News report said.

He hailed from Lucknow and is survived by wife Bintra Wati and four children.