`Indo-Russian jet better than US aircraft`

The Indo-Russian FGFA is superior than the similar Chinese and American rival fighter jets, a top Russian military commander has claimed.

New Delhi: The Indo-Russian fifth generation
fighter aircraft (FGFA) is superior than the similar Chinese
and American rival fighter jets which include the J 20 Black
Eagle and the F-22 Raptor, a top Russian military commander
has claimed.

India and Russia are jointly developing the Sukhoi T-50
PAK FA FGFA for their respective air forces and have plans of
producing over 400 of these highly-advanced fighter jets.

Commander of the Russian Air Force Colonel General
Alexander Zelin told Russian news agency RIA Novosti that his
Country’s government has decided to give top priority to the
development of the joint venture aircraft.

"While comparing Russia`s T-50 PAK FA with the US F-22
Raptor and China`s Chengdu J-20 Black Eagle, one concludes
that the T-50 is superior to its foreign analogues in terms of
its maximum speed in afterburner and standard modes, maximum
range and thrust-to-weight ratio," he said.
The Russian Air Force Commander said that despite the
comparable dimensions and weight of the Chinese J20 Black
Eagle and the F-22 raptor, "the T-50 has much shorter take-off
and landing runs. Moreover, its on-board equipment has better
specifications than its foreign equivalents."

India signed a preliminary design contract with Russia
recently for the aircraft and is planning to induct around 250
of them starting from 2017.

Commenting on the flight tests schedule of the FGFA,
Zelin said, "Tests are now taking place as planned in line
with specific decisions.Over 100 flights have been performed
and all the specifications obtained during the tests confirm
T-50 project requirements."

"The tests involve three fixed-wing aircraft, and three
more aircraft will arrive in the near future. All in all, the
tests will involve 14 aircraft," he added.

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