UPA dragging its feet on black money: Sinha

Yashwant Sinha accused UPA government of dragging its feet on black money, saying it was not launching prosecution to shield the offenders.

New Delhi: Senior BJP leader Yashwant Sinha on Monday
accused the UPA government of "dragging its feet" on the
issue of black money, saying it was not launching prosecution
to shield the offenders.

He said the government`s stand that bilateral agreement
was coming in its way in disclosure of names was hard to
accept and vowed to make public the identity of those who
parked ill-gotten money in banks abroad if NDA comes to power
in 2014.

"We do not agree with the government`s view that
bilateral agreements prevent it from disclosing names. This
is one interpretation of the government," he told PTI.

"Secondly, even as per government interpretation, names
will automatically come out in the public domain if
prosecution is launched (against the accused persons)," the
former Finance Minister said.

He questioned the intention of the Government on the
black money issue and sought an answer as to what prevented it
from launching prosecution against 700 persons about whom it
received information from France six months ago.

Sinha said, "Why prosecution has not been launched after
giving showcause notices.Somewhere we feel that the
government is dragging its feet on this issue. Why, well that
is for everybody to gauge. If the BJP comes to power, we will
disclose the names."

Training his guns on Home Minister P Chidambaram on the
2G scam, he said as the then Finance Minister, he had "higher
responsibility" as the Prime Minister had gone "along with
him" as he had agreed with Raja on the issue of allocation of
2G spectrum and its pricing model.

"Chidambaram is even more guilty than Raja because he had
higher responsibility and Prime Minister himself had said he
went along with Chidambaram because he had agreed (with Raja
on pricing of spectrum)," he said.

Sinha said Chidambaram has to share the blame because as
the Finance Minister, he agreed with Raja and Government felt
that due diligence was undertaken.

"Because the Finance Minister agreed, it is generally
felt that due diligence has been done. Obviously due diligence
was not done. Therefore, person with higher responsibility
must share higher blame," he said.

The lawmaker, who represents Hazaribagh in Lok Sabha,
said he was not expressing his views as a member of the Joint
Parliamentary Committee but as an independent observer on the
basis of documents which are in public domain.


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