Britain fully equipped to fight apocalyptic zombie invasion

Civil servants in Britain are fully equipped to "return England to its pre-attack glory".

London: Civil servants in Britain are fully equipped to "return England to its pre-attack glory" by coordinating the military`s efforts in the event of an apocalypse brought about by an army of zombies, a Freedom of Information request has revealed.
The Ministry of Defense has said its role in any such event would be to provide military support to the civil authorities, and not take the lead, adding that the role rests with the Cabinet Office, which co-ordinates emergency planning for the Government, reports The Telegraph.
This is not the first time that public authorities have provided tongue-in-cheek responses to Freedom of Information inquiries about zombies.

Last year, Leicester city council was forced to admit that it had no specific preparations for dealing with a zombie invasion, although the local authority stressed that certain aspects of its emergency plan would apply to any disaster.

Bristol city council went a step further when a senior official replied with a copy of a "top secret" internal strategy document setting out how the council would respond to a "zombie pandemic". Staffs were told to listen out for code words in radio and television broadcasts to warn them that an attack was under way, and given health and safety advice on the correct way to kill zombies.

However, critics have accused people who make Freedom of Information requests about subjects such as zombies, wizards and vampires, of being time-wasters who are costing the taxpayer money.

Some fear that trivial uses of the recently won right to ask public bodies to release information they hold will give politicians an excuse to scale back the powers, which were introduced in full only as late as 2005.


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