Rotherham sex abuse scandal: Gangs of paedophiles exploited 1,400 children

An inquiry revealed on Tuesday some 1,400 minors were sexually abused in the British town of Rotherham over a 16-year period and blamed local authorities for failing to act.

British deputy PM to meet PM Modi in trade trip

Britain`s deputy prime minister Nick Clegg begins a trade mission to India on Monday, where he will meet the country`s prime minister Narendra Modi in a bid to strengthen economic ties.

James Foley beheading: British spy agencies MI5, MI6 identify killer

Days after the Islamic State posted a video showing the gruesome beheading of a US journalist James Foley, British intelligence agencies have identified the killer, better known as `Jihadi John`, reports said Sunday.

Two British Indians charged with murder

Two British Indian men were charged with stabbing and murdering a man on a London street, a media report said.

Britain mulls steps to combat extremism

To discourage extremist elements originating from Britain, Home Secretary Theresa May has plans to bring in new laws that may strip Britons fighting in Syria and Iraq of their citizenship.

European push for new UN resolution on Gaza

Britain, France and Germany have launched a fresh bid at the UN to end six weeks of violence in Gaza, after Israeli warplanes killed three top Hamas commanders, inflicting a heavy blow on the movement`s armed wing.

British human rights campaigner Bamber dies

British human rights campaigner Helen Bamber, an early member of Amnesty International, died at the age of 89 on Thursday, the charity she founded said.

UN to adopt measure aimed at conflict prevention

Security Council members have agreed on a resolution aimed at intensifying efforts to prevent conflicts at a time of growing unrest around the world, Britain`s UN envoy said Wednesday.

British police arrest second man over container death

A second man was arrested on Wednesday over the death of an Afghan Sikh and the discovery of 34 others in an airless shipping container, police said.

Second man held over death of Afghan Sikh stowaways in UK

A second person has been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter over the death of one of the 35 Afghan Sikh stowaways found inside an airtight shipping container on a dockyard in Britain.

London warns of threat from British fighters in Syria, Iraq

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond warned Wednesday of the "threats" posed by a "significant number" of Britons working with jihadis in Syria and Iraq, as he condemned the video of the alleged beheading of US journalist.

British PM cuts holiday for Iraq, Syria meetings

Prime Minister David Cameron on Wednesday cut short his holiday in Cornwall for meetings on Iraq and Syria after the apparent beheading of a US journalist by an Islamic State militant who spoke with a British accent.
Cameron described the killing as "shocking and depraved".

Afghan Sikh stowaways were trapped in container for 18 hours

Sikh men, women and children found in a shipping container in Britain were fleeing persecution in Afghanistan and had been trapped in the airless compartment without food and water for 18 hours, their translator said.

Britain`s role in Iraq no longer just humanitarian: Minister

Britain`s role in the Iraq crisis has moved beyond a "humanitarian mission" and its expanded operations could last for months, its defence minister said in a newspaper interview published on Monday.

IS could come to streets of Britain, warns Cameron

Islamic State fighters sweeping across Syria and Iraq are a direct threat to Britain and the country must use all of its "military prowess" to halt their advance, Prime Minister David Cameron said Sunday.

Britain summons Russian envoy over Ukraine `incursion`

Britain has summoned Moscow`s ambassador to London over reports of a Russian military incursion across its border with Ukraine, the Foreign Office said on Friday.

Britain would ``favourably consider`` supplying Kurds with arms: Report

Britain would "favourably consider" a request for arms from the Kurds to help them battle Sunni militants who have seized much of Iraq, the BBC reported.

British pilot`s artificial arm comes off during landing

A pilot for a British budget airline briefly lost control of a flight after his artificial arm came loose during landing, an air accident report said on Friday.

Britain deploys SAS special forces in northern Iraq: Report

Britain has deployed SAS special forces in northern Iraq where thousands of civilians are trapped on a mountain by Sunni militant fighters, the Daily Telegraph newspaper reported.

British pilot`s artificial arm comes off during landing

A pilot for a British budget airline briefly lost control of a flight after his artificial arm came loose during landing, an air accident report said.