UK Conservatives and Labour level-pegging as election looms: Poll

 British Prime Minister David Cameron`s Conservatives were level with the opposition Labour Party according to a Populus poll published on Tuesday, with less than 48 hours before voters cast their ballots in the closest election in a generation.

Horse-trading begins as UK poll enters final straight

 Britain`s political leaders on Tuesday began a final push for votes ahead of Thursday`s knife-edge election, even as they prepared for the likelihood of protracted coalition talks once polls close.

`Abandoned` Hong Kong veterans go into battle with Britain

Hong Kong military veterans who served in the British armed forces are going into battle against their former colonial ruler over their right to live in Britain.

Princess Charlotte and line of succession to British throne

Prince William and his wife Kate`s new baby daughter, named Monday as Princess Charlotte, was born fourth in line to inherit the British throne, behind big brother Prince George.

Final push in Britain`s knife-edge election

The Conservatives and Labour launched their final push on Monday to woo voters ahead of this week`s British general election, as potential kingmaker parties marked out their territory.

Russians embrace Kremlin-backed WW II ribbon

Millions of Russians will on May 9 don black-and-orange striped ribbons to mark Soviet victory in World War II, but critics accuse the Kremlin of using them to link wartime glory to current policies.

Anti-EU leader Farage faces uncertain future in UK vote

Nigel Farage has turned the UK Independence Party (UKIP) into a national force but is battling for his future in Thursday`s general election, with commentators saying he has run out of steam.

Britain's smallest dog is just three inches tall

 The smallest dog in Britain is a tiny Chihuahua, who is just three inches tall, fits in the palm of her owner's hand and is lighter than a bag of sugar.

First visitors for Britain`s baby princess

Prince William and his wife Kate showed off their new baby daughter to close relatives on Sunday as Britain eagerly awaited the name of the new royal princess.

With nobody set for majority, Britain braces for hung parliament

Britain is heading towards a hung parliament after Thursday`s national election, fuelling uncertainty about the country`s future in the European Union, its economic policy, and Scotland`s place in the United Kingdom.

Argentina invokes Gandhi over disputed islands with Britain

 With Argentina still going through sovereignty disputes to reclaim the Malvinas, South Georgias and South Sandwich Islands and the surrounding maritime areas with Britain, the South American country is applying the way of Mahatma Gandhi`s `ahimsa` - truth, love and fraternity - that brought independence to India.

Key issues in Britain`s election campaign

 Britain votes in a general election on Thursday in which Prime Minister David Cameron could lose power and no one party looks set to win a clear majority.

Britain`s boring election reaches gripping finale

After a sterile campaign that has turned many people off, Britons take to the polls on Thursday in a too close to call general election that could trigger an unprecedented bout of political instability.

Prince George visits little sister in hospital

Prince George was taken by his father to the clinic where his little sister was born on Saturday, in a rare appearance for the third in line to the British throne.

Traditions surrounding a British royal birth

Prince William and his wife Kate may be modern parents but their second child is a royal and certain traditions will have to be respected.

Two NRIs offer to build 1,200 houses in Nepal earthquake

Two billionaire NRIs have offered to build 1,200 earthquake-resistant houses in quake-affected villages of Nepal immediately, Nepal`s embassy in London has said.

Britain celebrates birth of a princess

Prince William`s wife Kate gave birth to a baby girl on Saturday to cheers from a crowd outside the hospital as Britain celebrated the royal family`s new fourth in line to the throne.

Britain`s party leaders throw kitchen sink at election

 Kitchens have been at the heart of Britain`s General Election campaign, with party leaders giving confessional, off-the-cuff interviews as they shuffle between the tea cups and the toaster.

British Elections: 'Cameron most liked leader, Labour lead Conservatives by one-point'
British Elections: 'Cameron most liked leader, Labour lead Conservatives by one-point'

Britain`s opposition Labour Party has taken a 1 percentage point lead over Prime Minister David Cameron`s Conservatives, according to a YouGov opinion poll published on Friday, though still within the poll`s margin of error.

British PM in 'career-defining' election slip

Politicians are often accused of pursuing their own interests and British Prime Minister David Cameron did little to dispel this impression on Friday when he remarked that next week's election was "career-defining".