Trafficking of foreign women to China on rise

Chinese police are grappling with increasing cases of abductions and trafficking of foreign women mostly from Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar.

Beijing: Chinese police are grappling with
increasing cases of abductions and trafficking of foreign
women mostly from the bordering countries of Vietnam, Laos and
Myanmar, a new trend largely attributed to growing gender gap.

The women from the three countries, mostly from poor
families, were being lured to China promising jobs or marriage
to wealthy Chinese men, Chen Shiqu, the director of the
anti-human trafficking office at China`s Ministry of Public
Security, China Daily quoted him as saying in a report.

Chen said the number of foreign women trafficked to China
is "definitely" rising, but did not provide figures to
illustrate the trend.

However, according to the public security department of
north China`s Hebei Province, local police have rescued 206
abducted foreign brides there since.

It is very much a common trend for many rural Chinese men
to marry women from the south east Asian countries, especially
Vietnam as they struggle find brides due to increasing gender

According to the latest figures, for every 100 girls born
in 2010, 118 boys were born, which meant that a large section
of men either had to remain forced bachelors or look for
brides from outside China.

Chen told the daily that foreign brides are being
trafficked by criminals both in and outside China.

The traffickers tend to target women in their 20s and 30s
from rural areas and use the prospect of living more affluent
lives in a big city as bait.

When these victims are smuggled into China by river or
along obscure roads in forests or mountainous areas, they
often find themselves sold in rural Chinese areas as brides
for local villagers, with a price ranging from 20,000 (USD
3,145) to 50,000 yuan, or even forced to work as prostitutes.
The report said one 22-year-old woman from Myanmar was
sold as a bride to a mentally handicapped villager in Jiangsu
Province for 30,000 yuan.

The girl was rescued by the police half a year later, when
she reported that her "husband" often sexually abused and beat

She was then sent back to Myanmar in July.
Chinese police launched a crackdown in the border areas
from July to September, seizing 53 criminal suspects and
saving 52 Vietnamese women and 13 children, Chen said.


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