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`I`ve evidence to prove Dixit approached Asif for spot-fixing`

New Delhi: Mohammad Asif`s estranged girlfriend Veena Malik today hit back at Dheeraj Dixit, an Indian freelance photographer, claiming she has substantial evidence to prove that he had approached the tainted Pakistan bowler for spot-fixing.

Popular Pakistani actress Veena called Dixit a bookmaker and a match fixer and alleged that he exchanged match information with Asif, one of the three Pakistani cricketers involved in the spot-fixing scam during the fourth Test against England at Lord`s.

Dixit had yesterday alleged that it was Veena Malik who approached him, claiming that she managed seven Pakistani cricketers with her and could strike a deal for fixing matches with their help.

"Mr Dheeraj is denying any kind of contact with Mohammad Asif. I have telephonic details of Asif and Dixit where in 15 days, the latter contacted Asif for 17 times. I have the details of all this," Veena told a news channel.

"Tell me, why Mr Dixit called him (Asif) so many times? I have heard all these conversations. Dixit had a meeting with Asif in Thailand before the Australian series in December-January.," she said.

Veena, who had a very public, acrimonious break-up with fast bowler Asif a few months ago, said she never met anyone named Dheeraj and it was she who got the Indian photographer`s number investigated after Asif proposed to her for marriage.

"I don`t know who is Dheeraj Dixit? I got this number investigated because Asif proposed to me and we were interested in marrying each other. But this particular number, Asif used to send messages and for me that number was mysterious.”

"I got this number investigated. I checked call details of Asif where this person (Dheeraj) continously texted him. Asif told me that some kind of deal is going on. But I told him that I am your girlfriend, can you please tell me what kind of dealing is going on?" she said.

Veena also alleged that Asif went to Thailand to meet Dheeraj without informing her.

"After few days, Asif went to Thailand without informing me. When he returned he himself told me that he has gone to meet Dheeraj. Then we had a fight and I told him why the hell you are getting into all this? Why are you meeting this bookmaker, fixer?" she said.

Veena yesterday told a television channel in Lahore that Asif used to be in touch with an Indian bookmaker named Dheeraj.

"Asif used to call up this Indian bookmaker and other bookies as well on the phone of his servant. I have evidence of the messages he exchanged with the bookies," she had said.


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