India vs Australia 2013: Nagpur ODI - As it happened...

By Feroz Khan | Updated: Oct 30, 2013, 12:29 PM IST

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INDIA: OVERS: 50 || SCORE: 351/4

And India have defeated Australia by chasing down the third highest ever target in the history of ODIs!. James Faulkner was given the ball to bowl the final over. Dhoni swings and misses. He slices the next over point for a boundary. A couple follows that takes India to 351/4. India beat Australia by six wickets.

INDIA: OVERS: 49 || SCORE: 345/4

Shane Watson to bowl the penultimate over. And Kohli starts the third consecutive over with a boundary. That was whipped to between long on and midwicket. He follows that with a single. Dhoni reduces the margin by two runs off the next. He gives the strike back to Kohli off the fourth. Kohli plays the penultimate delivery though midwicket region for yet another boundary. The over ends with a double. 14 runs from it.

INDIA: OVERS: 48 || SCORE: 331/4

Faulkner into his eighth over now. The first three are dot balls. The fourth is a full toss. Dhoni aimed for the covers but ended up hitting beyond point region. However, he got the result – a boundary. A couple to end the over. Six from it. Johnson continues. Kohli plays an inside out shot over covers for his 13th boundary off his first delivery. Seven runs from it. Faulkner to bowl the 48th over. Kohli collects a boundary off the first delivery. The next is a dot ball. The third delivery is played through midwicket for a boundary. It takes him to 99. And Kohli reaches his century with yet another boundary! Another terrific knock from this young man for India! 15 runs from the over.

INDIA: OVERS: 45 || SCORE: 303/4

A boundary to fine leg region by Kohli takes the Indian score to 300 runs. Nine runs from Watson’s fifth over. Another good over from Johnson. Just three singles in it. India need another 48 runs to win from 30 deliveries.

INDIA: OVERS: 43 || SCORE: 291/4

Johnson continues. Kohli takes a single off his first and OUT! The short delivery proves to be Raina’s scourge once again. Raina was looking to hit it to fine leg but ended up edging it to wicketkeeper Brad Haddin. Johnson appealed and umpire raised his finger. Raina shakes his head. Replays shows it may have missed the bat. Raina scored 16 (15b, 4X2). In walks Yuvraj Singh. OUT! And Johnson cleans him up! Yuvraj goes back to the pavilion for a three-ball duck. Johnson has brought Australia back in this game. Indian skipper MS Dhoni comes in to back next. He gets off the mark with a single. End of an excellent over from Johnson. Just two runs and two wickets from it.

INDIA: OVERS: 42 || SCORE: 289/2

Johnson continues. A couple to start with followed by three consecutive boundaries – the last of which came via an outside edge to third man region. Kohli looks happy. A square drive to third man for single off the fourth takes him to 77. 15 runs from it. Shane Watson is back. Will his golden arm do some wonders for his team tonight? He has already scored a century today. Now his captain needs him to deliver again but this time with his bowling. Facing him is Kohli, who is experiencing what is known as the “purple patch”. Just a single off his first three deliveries. So far so good? Nope. Raina launches his fourth straight over his head for a boundary. And a terrific effort from Moises Henriques in the deep saves a certain boundary off the last delivery.

INDIA: OVERS: 40 || SCORE: 267/2

The next over, by McKay, starts with a couple to Kohli. A boundary through square region follows next. Nine runs from the over. A boundary off the first over of the 38th over takes Virat Kohli to his 27th ODI fifty. He took just 31 deliveries to reach the landmark. He follows that with a couple. The third delivery results in another boundary. Can this man do anything wrong? 12 runs from the over. End over powerplay overs. India need another 96 runs from 72 deliveries. Raina on strike and Johnson Bailey brought Johnson in. He starts with a wide. Comes back well to allow just two more. Five runs came from the first four deliveries of Faulkner’s seventh over. The fifth saw Raina score his first boundary of the innings. Nine runs from it. 84 needed from 60 deliveries now.

INDIA: OVERS: 36 || SCORE: 234/2

Clint McKay is back. His fourth delivery is a low full toss and Dhawan guides it though point for a boundary. Nine runs from the over. 100 for Shikhar Dhawan! He reaches the landmark with a couple off the fifth delivery of the next over bowled by Faulkner. The celebrations that follow indicate how much it means to Dhawan. OUT! And Faulkner castles Dhawan! He went a bit across for the flick and Faulkner bowls it on the middle and off stump line. He scored 100 (102b, 4X11). In walks Suresh Raina.

INDIA: OVERS: 34 || SCORE: 218/1

Eight runs from the 31st over, bowled by Maxwell including a boundary to Kohli. That was a brilliant shot as Kohli expertly drove it through covers. Akram exclaims “India have unearthed a diamond”. Kohli scores his second boundary in the following over, by Finch, again through covers. Just five runs from it. Doherty brought back. Kohli greets him with an inside out shot over extra cover for his third boundary. A ball later, Kohli takes the aerial route and deposits Doherty into the stands for his first maximum. He guides the next to third man boundary. Kohli has been in terrific touch. 17 runs from the over. A big over for India this! Kohli looking in deadly touch. The memories of Jaipur ODI must be fresh in Doherty’s mind. Batting powerplay taken over. Bailey brings Faulkner back into the attack. Then third delivery is on Kohli’s legs and he flicks it to fine leg fence for his fifth boundary. Nine runs from the over. It’s time for drinks break.

INDIA: OVERS: 30 || SCORE: 179/1

Aaron Finch into the attack now. The pitch is a bit slow. Maybe that’s why Bailey is focusing more on his spinners -- part-time or regular. Just three runs from it. The spinners are doing an excellent job for Australia in keeping things tight. Maxwell bowls another tight over leaking just three runs. And Rohit breaks the shackles depositing Finch over midwicket fence for his first maximum. Four singles and a wide take the total from the over to 11 runs. Maxwell continues. Rohit skips down the track and launches it over long on fence for his second maximum. He deposits the sixth delivery over long off fence into the crowd for another maximum. 15 runs from the over. OUT! Finch’s third delivery of the 30th over is short and Rohit pulls it over midwicket region. He was a bit early into his shot and Faulkner took a good catch in the deep to end his innings. He scored 79 (89b, 4X7, 6X3). In walks Virat Kohli.

INDIA: OVERS: 25 || SCORE: 146/0

Bailey summons Glenn Maxwell to break the century-stand. Four runs from his first over. The next turns out to be a productive one for India. Johnson brought back for a second spell. And the Indian pair milks him for 14 runs including three boundaries – one to Rohit and two to Dhawan. They have to up the scoring rate before bring the required below 7/over. Rohit rocks back and cuts Maxwell’s second delivery for his sixth boundary. Johnson has been given another chance after being expensive in his previous over. Rohit strikes a boundary to fine leg region and completes his half-century. Eight runs from it. Maxwell bowls a tight over allowing just four runs in it.

INDIA: OVERS: 20 || SCORE: 111/0

Game recommences after a short drinks break. Doherty continues and concedes just three runs. A boundary off the second delivery of the 17th over takes Dhawan to his half-century. Seven runs from the over. Dhawan sweeps Doherty’s second delivery to deep square leg fence for his sixth boundary. Dropped!Aaron Finch failed to hold on to a catch at covers from Dhawan giving him second life. However, it was a difficult chance though. A single off the sixth delivery takes the score to 100 runs. This Doherty continues. A good over for India as in it came 11 runs including two boundaries – both to Dhawan. The first one came via a paddle sweep while the second a result of a late cut .

INDIA: OVERS: 15 || SCORE: 83/0

Faulkner into his second over now. Eight runs from it including a boundary through point to Dhawan. Spin in Xavier Doherty introduced into the attack. Three singles from it. Third bowling change of the innings. All-rounder Shane Watson to bowl his medium-pacers. He starts with a front-foot no-ball. Free-hit for India. A full length delivery from Watson. Rohit digs it attempting to beat the man at cover point but Maxwell takes a brilliant catch. However, it was a free-hit, so no damage done. Six runs from the over. Doehrty is next and he allows just a single. Watson into his second over. Helped by a quick outfield, Dhawan flicks Watson’s fourth delivery through midwicket region for his fourth boundary. That would ease some pressure. Eight runs from the over.

INDIA: OVERS: 10 || SCORE: 56/0

Six runs from the sixth over, two runs from the next. Boundaries aren’t coming easy for the home team at the moment. Five singles from the eighth over take the total to 40/0. Now James Faulkner into the attack. Seems like the Indian openers want to see off these early overs and open up later. Dropped! Glenn Maxwell at point drops a simple catch giving Dhawan a life. He looks livid at himself. Three runs from the over. Rohit opens up and collects two consecutive boundaries off McKay – to sweeper cover and over extra cover. The second took the Indian score to 50 runs. Dhawan scores his second boundary guiding the fifth delivery to fine leg. A slow but steady start to the chase by these two.

INDIA: OVERS: 5 || SCORE: 26/0

Johnson is scorching the Jamatha track with his pace. The first delivery was full and Rohit Sharma drove him through covers for a boundary. One more was added to the total courtesy a wide. Five runs from the first over. Clint McKay to take charge of the other new ball. Facing him is Dhawan. Dhawan skips forward making clear his intentions. Just two runs from it. Johnson continues. Again concedes a boundary off his first delivery. It was on the full and on the pads as flicked it through midwicket region for four. A triple off the third Rohit on strike. Johnson’s next two were wides. 10 runs from it. McKay continues. Just three runs from it. Australia need wickets here. They cannot allow the Indian batsmen to settle. An inside out stroke from Rohit off the third delivery for his second boundary. He takes a couple off the fifth. Rohit isn’t looking to take unnecessary risks here.

Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma are in the middle as they look to provide a solid foundation for India to chase down another 300+ target set by Australia. Mitchell Johnson has the new ball. Facing him is Dhawan. After an ordinary performance by from their bowlers, the Indian batsmen have a tough task at their hands to save the seven-match ODI series.


Dhoni turns to Jadeja and Bailey launches his first delivery over midwicket boundary for a maximum. Lots of running in the over as in the next five deliveries Bailey and Voges add two doubles and three singles. 13 runs from it. The next by Shami is pretty bad as he continues to gift easy boundaries. The first was a low full toss and Bailey launched it over long on. A couple off the second and a boundary off the third follows. Two runs off the next three deliveries take the total from the over to 14 runs. Mishra is back. Voges strikes his fifth boundary off the third delivery straight down the ground. A boundary off the penultimate delivery takes George Bailey past 150-run mark. 12 runs from the over. Bhuvi is back to bowl the penultimate over. Voges manages to hit a boundary in the over. Eight runs from Bhuvi’s eighth over. Ravindra Jadeja to bowl the final over of Australian innings. A single off his first. OUT! George Bailey hits his second delivery straight into the hands of the long off fielder. End of a wonderful knock from Bailey. He scored 156 (114b, 4X13, 6X6). Oh dear! Jadeja takes a low return catch to dismiss Voges. The umpire asks Voges to stay to check whether it was taken cleanly. The replays confirm it is indeed a good catch. The umpire then check for the no-ball and Jadeja’s foot is well out of the popping crease. Voges survives and Australia have a free-hit. Voges only manages a single off it. OUT! And Jadeja finally gets his 100th ODI wicket in Mitchell Johnson who walks back after being caught by Dhawan at midwicket. Four runs off the next two take the score to 350/6.


Suresh Rain into the attack now. And with a single off the first delivery, Bailey reaches his second ODI century. This has been a brilliant innings from the Australian skipper. He’s been in terrific form this series. Just four runs from the over. Mishra is back. Four runs in it. The next by Raina turns out be pretty expensive as from it came 13 runs including a boundary to Voges and a six to Bailey. The next by Mishra resulted in exactly the same number of runs. Again, in it Voges scored a boundary and Bailey struck his fourth six of the innings. Mohd Shami brought back into the attack but it changed nothing as Bailey and Voges collected a boundary each from it. 11 runs from it. The capacity crowd has gone silent at Nagpur.


Bhuvneshwar into the attack now. Adam Voges is the new man in the middle now and he gets off the mark with a single. Bailey scores his seventh boundary off the third delivery of the over through point. Six runs from it. The next by Ashwin results in just four runs. Kumar’s first three deliveries resulted in just one. The next three resulted in 12 runs thanks to three boundaries – through midwicket, covers and point -- by Bailey. The final over of the powerplay resulted in just four runs.


Batting powerplay in operation as R Ashwin comes back into the attack. Maxwell scores two consecutive boundaries employing reverse sweep. The first through backward point while the next over short third man fielder. OUT! A brilliant effort in the deep by Bhuvneshwar Kumar brought an early end to dangerman Maxwell’s stay at the crease. It was a short delivery and Maxwell pulled it aiming to hit it over deep midwicket boundary. However, Bhuvi judged the catch well and managed to stay inside the ropes. Maxwell scored 9 (6b, 4X2).


Mishra is back. His first five deliveries resulted in two runs. Some relief you will say for Dhoni. Well, Bailey makes sure that Mishra leaves disappointed as he hurls his sixth delivery over deep midwicket boundary for another maximum. Eight runs from it. Kohli continues from the other end. The commentators are baffled by Dhoni’s decision to continue with a non-regular bowler like Kohli that will only result in relieving any pressure from the minds of the batsmen. Meanwhile, Bailey and Watson collect a boundary apiece in the over. 10 runs added to the total in the 32nd over. Jadeja bowls a boundary-less over. The 33rd results in just four runs. The Indian batting lineup looks set for another daunting chase in the second half of the match unless their bowlers manage to change the state of affairs. Mishra back after an over and Watson carves him for two consecutive boundaries off the first two deliveries. The next four result in just a single. 23-year-old Mohd Shami is back into the attack. His first is full and Watson drives it through mid off where a misfield results in a boundary. Two more boundaries off the next two deliveries take him past 100-run mark. This is Watson’s ninth ODI century. OUT! Well! This over is turning out to be an eventful one. Three consecutive boundaries, a century followed by a wicket. Shami Ahmed castles Watson immediately after the all-rounder reached his century. That was pitched on the off stump and came back in. Watson went for a drive and the ball sneaked through his defenses to crash on the stumps. He scored 102 (94b, 4X13, 6X3). Glenn Maxwell is the new man in the middle.


The run flow continues for the Aussies. 14 runs from the 26th over as Bailey and Watson look to accelerate the run rate. Watson sent the fourth delivery from Watson crashing into the sight screen for his third six of the innings. He followed that with a single. Bailey ended the over with his third boundary to deep midwicket fence. The next over went rather quietly as in it came five runs. 11 runs came from Ashwin’s seventh over including a boundary to Watson off a short delivery. In search for a wicket, Virat Kohli summoned Virat Kohli. The only significant development in the over was Bailey reaching his fifty with a single off the final delivery. Bailey continues to milk Indian bowlers for boundaries as he collected two more of them in Jadeja’s seventh over. Australia are on top here now. 11 runs from the 30th over.


Four runs came in the 21st over while the next resulted in just two. The 23rd over proved to be productive one for the Australian side as in it came 13 runs. Ashwin’s first delivery resulted in a single to Watson. Bailey comes down the track and lofts the second delivery over extra cover for a superb boundary. The next shot brought even better result as he lifted the third straight over the bowler’s head for his first six of the innings. Watson took advantage of a full toss from Mishra depositing it over midwicket fence for his first six of the innings in the 24th over. The 25th over also resulted in plenty of runs for the visitors. Watson is making the full use of his second life. Watto struck a boundary off the second delivery from Jadeja to move to 49. A single off the fourth brought him his fifty. Bailey returned the strike with a single off the penultimate delivery and Watson powered it over long on boundary for his second maximum. The pair has added 79 runs so far.


Watson collected a lucky boundary as an inside edge went safely to fine leg fence. He was looking to target midwicket region but mistimed the stroke. A followed that up with a couple. Seven runs from the over. And Watson, who looked gutted after offering a simple catch to Rohit Sharma at covers, must have thanked his stars as the delivery from Jadeja turned out to be a no-ball. Watson went for a slog sweep but ended up top edging it to covers. The umpires checked with their TV counterpart and replays showed it was indeed a no-ball. The crowd went silent. The next was a free-hit and Watson hit it straight to long on. The catch was taken and Watson could only manage a single. Five runs from the over. In the next, Amit Mishra, who is playing in his first ODI at home a decade after making his debut in the 50-over format, introduced into the attack. A single from his first. Ashwin began his fourth over conceding a boundary to Bailey. Two more singles from it took the total to 78/2. Off the third delivery of the next by Mishra, Watson came forward and mistimed another stroke that got him another boundary. Five ruins from Mishra’s second over.


Six runs came from the 13th and 14th over – three in each. Watson struck his third boundary off the second delivery of the 15th over as playing it through backward point region. He collected a couple off the penultimate delivery. Seven runs from it.


Spin in Ravindra Jadeja introduced in the 11th over. One run from his opening over. R Ashwin to partner him from the other end. OUT! Ah! Ashwin strikes first-ball! Around the wickets and Finch comes down the track looking to smack it over midwicket region. Gets beaten on all ends and is bowled! He scored 20 (28b, 4X3). Australian skipper George Bailey comes in to bat next. He opens his account off the sixth delivery with a single.


Dhoni continues with Shami from the other end. A loud appeal for an lbw off the second delivery but probably umpire thought it struck Watson high on his front pad. Watson fails to score in it as Shami bowls the first maiden over of the innings. Kumar into his fifth over now and Watson strikes his first boundary off the third delivery to midwicket fence. Six runs from the over. Will this be another expensive over from Shami? As per his past four overs, the trends suggest, he bowls a tight over and then follows it up with an expensive one. Well, the start was ominous as the first delivery was adjudged no-ball because Suresh Raina at mid-on had his left leg on the crease. The fourth delivery resulted in a boundary for Watson. Seven runs from it.


Shami follows a good over with another expensive one. Arron Finch, who was watching proceedings quietly till the fifth over, opened up in the sixth as he struck three consecutive boundaries off the first three deliveries from Shami. The first via a flick to deep square leg boundary, the next again a flick to the same area while the third a push through mid on. He followed that with a single. 13 runs from it. Hughes pulled the third delivery from Bhuvi in the next to deep midwicket fence for his third boundary. OUT! Bhuvi exacts his revenge off the next as Virat Kohli at square leg caught him in his attempt to pull another short delivery. He scored 13 (22b, 4X3). Shane Watson is the new man in the middle and he gets off the mark with a single.


Hughes on the strike as Bhuvi starts his run up. Some swing there as Hughes plays the first delivery to leg side. He has to wait till the fourth delivery to open his account via an inside edge to fine leg. That’ll be the only scoring shot in the over. Shami Ahmed to take charge of the other new ball. Facing him is Hughes. His second delivery is full and Hughes plays a lovely cover drive for his first boundary. The following is full and outside off. Hughes plays it through mid off for second consecutive boundary. Eight runs from the over. Bhuvi continues from the other end and allows only a single in his second over as well. Shami was pretty expensive in his opening over in which he leaked two boundaries. As if jolted by those two fours, Shami bowls two brilliant deliveries as Hughes gets beaten on both occasions. Just a single in his second over. The third delivery of the fifth over saw Shikhar Dhawan making a brilliant diving effort at mid on saving few runs for his team. This over also resulted in just a single.

Australian openers Aaron Finch and Phil Hughes have walked to the middle. From India, Bhuvneshwar Kumar will open the attack. Australia are unchanged in this match. India have made two changes and included Bhuvneshwar and spinner Amit Mishra in the playing XI today.

TOSS: India have won the toss and opted to field first.

After two consecutive washouts, India need to win the sixth ODI to avoid another series defeat in the 50-over format against Australia today.

The penultimate ODI to be played in Nagpur’s Jamtha stadium is expected to be a batsman’s paradise and the hosts will be relying upon their powerful batting lineup to fire on all cylinders. The bowling has been their scourge in the current series. However at Ranchi, the weak Indian bowlers finally came good before their awful fielding aided Geroge Bailey and Glenn Maxwell to guide them out of a precarious situation.

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The teams (from):

India: M S Dhoni (Capt./wk), Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, Ambati Rayudu, Ravindra Jadeja, R Ashwin, Ishant Sharma, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, R Vinay Kumar, Amit Mishra, Jaydev Unadkat and Mohd. Shami.

Australia: George Bailey (Captain), Nathan Coulter-Nile, Xavier Doherty, James Faulkner, Callum Ferguson, Aaron Finch, Brad Haddin, Moises Henriques, Phil Hughes, Mitchell Johnson, Glenn Maxwell, Clint McKay, Adam Voges, Shane Watson.

Umpires: Nigel Long and S Ravi

Third umpire: Vineet Kulkarni

Match starts at 1:30 pm