Mumbai Test, Day 2: India vs West Indies - As it happened...

By Manushree Chaumal | Updated: Nov 15, 2013, 08:41 AM IST

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West Indies, 2nd Innings

Over 12.1 || Score 43/3

STUMPS: The Windies are once again wobbling as they lost two more wickets in quick successions. Tino Best was dismissed by Pragyan Ojha and he was a little unfortunate as the ball seemed to go down the leg side. Darren Bravo scored a boundary off Ashwin’s first ball in the 13th over but edged the next ball to Murali Vijay at second slip. India are in commanding position as they now lead by 270 runs and the Windies have just seven wickets in hand. Not to forget, it was just the second day of the Test match.

DM Bravo c Vijay b Ashwin 11 (10b)

TL Best lbw b Ojha 9 (17b)


Over 7 || Score 15/1

Ashwin gave the Indian side its first breakthrough. Powell tried a half-hearted shot in the air and Shami patrolling the long off boundary took a good catch. Tino Best came to the crease as a night watchman for the visiting side as seven overs are remaining.

KOA Powell c Mohammed Shami b Ashwin 9 (16b)

Over 5 || Score 14/0

As man of the hour Sachin Tendulkar came to field decibel level touched new heights. Once again all the spectators gave standing ovation to the man who is playing his farewell match. Gayle and K Powell came to open the innings for West Indies. The openers have to make sure that they don’t lose any wicket today. In the first over came six runs. The last ball of the over kissed the pads of Gayle and went for four. In the fourth over Dhoni introduced R Ashwin. Good move by the Indian skipper.

Rohit Sharma and Shami added 80 runs for the last wicket to take India to a comfortable position in the match. Now India have a huge lead of 313 runs. Rohit Sharma completed his second ton to continue his good run with the bat. Now it’s time for Indian bowlers to give some early breakthroughs to generate more pressure on West Indian batting order.

1st Indian Innings


Over 108 || Score 495

Once Rohit completed his hundred, Shami who had been saving his wicket, smacked two fours off Shillingford. In the next over, Rohit picked his spot well off a short ball by Samuels to collect another boundary. But in the 108th over off Deonarine, Shami played a shot in the air and Best took a good catch at mid wicket.

Mohammed Shami c Best b Deonarine 11 (29b)


Over 105 || Score 479/5

After scoring a big hundred on his Test debut against West Indies, Rohit Sharma has continued his good form. One run came from the 103rd over that too from Rohit’s bat. Spectators who have come to see the Master Blaster’s farewell match are now cheering for Rohit – another Mumbai lad. Rohit Sharma completed his hundred in style by launching Samuels for a six over long on. What a form he has been going through!

Over 102 || Score 469/9

Rohit is on a roll here. In the 101st over off Best, Rohit smashed two more boundaries to reach 90’s. After an over umpires called for a Tea break. India has now a healthy lead of 287 runs.

Over 100 || Score 457/9

Rohit is now dealing in boundaries. In the 96th over by Shillingford, Rohit collected 11 runs. He first scored a boundary over point and then launched the bowler for six. In the first ball off Best’s next over Rohit again hit a boundary, this time towards the mid-off area. India has now crossed the mark of 450 runs to take their lead to over 270. In the 99th over Rohit pulled Best to collect another boundary. In the next over Rohit tried to send Shillingford out of the park but was caught at deep long on, there was twist in the tail. Umpires checked with the third umpire and it was a big no ball. Lucky Rohit survived. Rohit has reached to 86, now he must be eyeing for another hundred.

Over 95 || Score 433/9

In the last ball of the 92nd over off Shillingford, Rohit worked it for a single to complete his half century. Now it would be interesting to see how much runs Rohit will manage to add with Shami for the last wicket. Now Rohit is trying to score runs quickly. In the 94th over off Shillingford he picked a boundary with the help of a late cut to collect seven runs from the over. India now have a lead of over 250 runs.


Over 91 || Score 416/9

Bhuvneshwar Out. In the very first over after Tea break Shillingford completed his five wicket haul by taking the wicket of Bhuvneshwar. Sammy took a sharp catch at leg slip when Bhuvneshwar tried to work the ball for a single, to take five catches in an innings. In the next over a direct hit from Kieran Powell from deep mid-wicket shown the pavilion way to Ojha who came in to bat after the fall of Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s wicket. Now last Indian pair is in the middle.

PP Ojha run out 0 (1b)

B Kumar c Sammy b Shillingford 4 (6b)

Over 89 || Score 413/7

Shillingford bowled the 86th over of the innings which was a maiden but in the next over off Best, Ashwin once again played a pull shot to collect a boundary over cow corner. Ashwin is playing the spinners and fast bowlers equally well. One run came from the 88th over bowled by Shillingford. R Ashwin Out. In the 89th over by Gabriel, Ashwin went for another pull but this time mis-timed it completely and the ball went high in the air, bowler took the catch quite comfortably. Ashwin got out after playing a cameo of 30 runs. Bhuvenshwar Kumar is the new man in. Kumar opened his account with a four off Gabriel. And with that umpires called for a Tea break. India are comfortably sitting at the driver’s seat with the lead of 231 runs.

R Ashwin c & b Gabriel 30 (32b)

Over 85 || Score 400/6

Ashwin is scoring at a brisk pace here. And mind it he is not at all slogging, he is playing proper cricketing shots. In the 84th over of Gabriel, Ashwin collected two back-to-back boundaries, first one over mid-wicket with the help of a pull and then by playing the ball over slips. Rohit is also playing his shots freely and collected a boundary off Best in the 85th over by playing an upper cut. With that boundary India have reached the mark of 400 runs to swell their lead to 218 runs.


Over 83 || Score 384/6

R Ashwin walked in to bat after Dhoni’s dismissal to join Sharma in the middle. In the 82nd over by Gabriel, Ashwin played an upper cut to launch the bowler for a maximum. What a shot by Ashwin. Tendulkar was struggling to play the upper cut in the morning but Ashwin played it with an ease. What an all-rounder he has turned out to be for India. He also has that extra time to play a delivery like Rohit Sharma. In the next over he drove Best over mid-wicket for a boundary. What a classical shot by him.


Over 81 || Score 366/6

Yuvraj Singh is also present at Wankhede. In the 80th over by Shillingford, Sharma collected his third boundary towards the cow corner. West Indies have taken a new ball. And it worked for the visiting team. Dhoni Out. Tino Best gave his team, the sixth breakthrough. Dhoni nicked Best and once again Sammy took a catch at slips.

MS Dhoni c Sammy b Best 4 (10b)

Over 78 || Score 354/5

After adding 13 more runs to his score after scoring his fifth Test hundred, Pujara gave a simple catch back to the bowler. And this time it’s once again of the off-spinner Shillingford. Fourth wicket for Shillingford. After the fall of Pujara's wicket, Indian skipper MS Dhoni came in the middle to join Rohit Sharma.

A Pujara c & b Shillingford 113 (167b)


Over 75 || Score 350/4

Rohit Sharma, the new man in is scoring runs quickly here. In the 74th over of Shillingford he launched him for a six first and then for a boundary to collect 12 runs. In 21 balls, he has scored 23 runs so far. And India have also touched the mark of 350 runs which means a lead of 168 runs.


Over 73 || Score 331/4

Cheteshwar Pujara has completed his fifth Test hundred and what a Test he has picked to score a hundred – Sachin’s farewell match. He has proved once again that he has the talent to fill in the big shoes of Rahul Dravid. Pujara smashed 11 fours to complete his hundred. What a find he has been for India, a perfect man to replace the legend -- The Wall.

Over 70 || Score 318/4

More than Tendulkar’s score of 74, the impressive thing about the knock was the way those runs were scored. Virat Kohli Out. Shillingford once again gave the breakthrough to his team. Kohli tried to defend the ball but got the thick outside edge and Sammy took a simple catch at slips. Rohit Sharma came in to bat after the fall of India’s fourth wicket.

Kohli c Sammy b Shillingford 57 (78b)

Over 65 || Score 307/3

Sachin Tendulkar is not in the middle as he got out after playing a magnificent knock but junior Tendulkar is still in the ground -- stopping the balls at Wankhede near the fence, as he is the ball boy in today’s play. He is as shy as his father was in his younger days. In between in the 64th over Virat Kohli completed his fifty, it’s his seventh Test half-century. Kohli used just 53 balls and collected four boundaries. Pujara is now eying for a hundred here as he has reached 94.


Over 61 || Score 287/3

India is leading by 100 runs and they still have seven wickets in hand. Though Sachin Tendulkar is back in the pavillion but the batting maestro has shown in his solid knock of 74 runs, what a master class he still possesses. In his knock which might be last of his illustrious career, he scored 12 boundaries all over the park and each one was from the middle of his bat. He gave the glimpse of his younger self. This knock will surely remain in the minds of cricket loves for a long-long time.


Over 60 || Score 282/3

India lead by 100 runs with 7 wickets remaining in the 1st innings. India is in a strong position and it is unlikely that Sachin will come out for batting again.

Kohli and Pujara have added 61 runs for the 4th- wicket partnership. The boundaries are coming often. The 56th over added three runs to the Indian total. The 57th over saw two fours, one each by Pujara and Kohli. Off Darren Sammy’s first ball of the over, Kohli pushed the ball straight to the bowler, towards the ropes. Off the third ball, it was Pujara’s turn. The ball went straight down the pitch right between the umpire and the Kohli. 11 runs off the over. Shillingford continued in the next three overs conceding 11 runs off the three.

It’s lunch time now. The spectators are dispersing now. The crowd was all for Sachin, and with his wicket some disappointed fans have headed back home.


Over 55 || Score 257/3

Pujara and Kohli are adding runs to the total taking the lead to 257. The boundaries displayed by Pujara are lifted straight from the text-book. He is now 79. Shilingford comes back in the 52nd over. Pujara on strike, off the second ball of the over, he hit the ball through backward square point for a boundary. Six runs off the over. Gabriel continued in the 53rd over. Pujara again went for a stunning boundary, this time finding the gap between first slip and gully. Six more runs in the over. The 54th could have got West Indies a much needed breakthrough in form of Pujara. But, the third umpire was not convinced and Pujara stayed. The West Indies team was confident that the catch has been taken off Shillingford's delivery by Llong, though replays were not quite clear. The benefit of doubt went to the batsman. Kohli hit a boundary in the third delivery of the over. Skipper Sammy comes for bowling in the 54th over, conceded 8 runs off it. Shillingford conceded a maiden 55th over.


Over 50 || Score 236/3

Kohli hits a boundary right in the first ball he faced. He hit the full toss ball through the covers for a boundary. Pujara continued the momentum in the first ball of the 49th over with a straight drive. Six runs in the 49th over and five runs added in 50th over. The duo are adding runs but the crowd is disappointed, the cheers are less loud. It was supposed to be Sachin day. Many did not care about the victory. Now, the focus is back on runs and winning.


Over 48 || Score 225/3

Sachin Tendulkar is out.The silence in the crowd was eerie. The bowling change worked for Sammy, it seems. Sachin tried to cut Deonarine’s delivery fine, but it bounced and went towards the fielder at the first slip, who took an excellent catch. Sachin went with a huge cheering applause. The man entertained us today. His 74 runs were sheer delight to watch. Virat Kohli is the new man in. Actor Aamir Khan in the commentary box feels, the match should be declared to bring back Sachin.

Wicket: Tendulkar c Sammy b Deonarine 74 (118b 12x4)


Over 47 || Score 216/2

Sachin is playing all his signature shots today. The 43rd over began with yet another boundary by Sachin. Off Tino Best’s delivery, he hit his signature shot, the back foot drive through the covers. Deonarine was introduced for the first time in the innings in the 44th over. Tendulkar got two runs in the over.
Sachin fans must be delighted today. What lovely cricket he is playing. The text-book cricket, we love to see. The 45th over saw completion of Pujara’s fourth Test fifty. With his performance, he seems to be sealing his number three spot in the Indian team. Gabriel comes into attack in the 45th over. Off the ball of the over, Tendulkar pushed the ball past the bowler, straight to the boundary. Pujara hit a brilliant boundary in the 46th over. Eight runs off the 46th and 47th over. Sachin Tendulkar is on 71 runs while Pujara is on 58 runs.


Over 41 || Score 184/2

There was a stunned silence in the stadium when Shillingford thought the ball hit Sachin’s inside edge to land straight to the wicket-keeper. The umpire disagreed, rightly. In the same over, Sachin’s third boundary of the day brought him to 52. The crowd has gone berserk. Anjali Tendulkar is too nervous to react. This is Sachin’s 68th Test fifty. He hit the boundary with one of his favourite shots, the cover drive. Sachin is playing Shillingford really well today. He hit yet another boundary going to the back foot hitting the ball for four more in the 40th over. The forty-first over brought 107 run partnership for Sachin and Pujara.

India lead by 2 runs with 8 wickets remaining. It is for the 87th time that Sachin is involved in a 100-tun partnership.


Over 36 || Score 167/2

Tino Best has delivered three dot balls, and in the 4th ball of the over Pujara takes one run to bring SRT on strike. One run for Sachin. Two runs off the first over. Shillingford joins Best at the other end. Tendulkar hit two boundaries in the second over. The spectators are over-joyed. Off the third delivery, Sachin went to the back-foot and hit it hard straight to the boundary. In the next ball, Sachin sweeps the ball, amazingly well, to the ropes. This brings him on 47.


Sachin Tendulkar and Cheteshwar Pujara have arrived. As expected, the stadium is jam-packed and the noise is deafening. Pujara is on strike while Tino Best has opened the bowling attack.


Mumbai: Sachin Tendulkar’s 200th Test match ought to be special. The final phase of his illustrious career is about to end, and today the Wankhede stadium is expected to be full house, for the master blaster will continue at 38* along with Cheteshwar Pujara on day 2 of the Test match between India and West Indies. The duo had added 80-run partnership on day one. India trail by 25 runs with 8 wickets remaining in the 1st innings.

The country wants Sachin to score a century today. It doesn`t care about the result, of course a win would be special. The nation just want to see Sachin bat for one last time. The expectations are high again. The excitement is palpable. Cheers of Sachinn, Sachinn... can be heard all over.


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