Mahendra Singh Dhoni pokes fun at “Sir Ravindra Jadeja” on Twitter

Updated: Apr 10, 2013, 13:22 PM IST

Zeenews Sports Bureau

New Delhi: Chennai Super Kings’ skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni took to social media to poke fun at his IPL teammate Ravindra Jadeja on Wednesday.

The all-rounder has already been “knighted” by his fans and critics on the various social networking platforms, resulting in a series of jokes comparing his exploits on the cricketing field to that of internet “troll legends” like American actor Chuck Norris and Indian superstar Rajnikanth.

Dhoni chimed in with some jokes of his own and re-tweeted some posted by his followers:

#God realised RAJNI sir is getting old so he created sir ravindra jadeja

#Sir jadeja once wanted to make a silt mountain to play as a kid now v all call it mt. Everest

#Leaving for practice at 3pm but the stadium is coming so tht sir jadeja can practice.

#Whenever sir jadeja makes an error its an invention and on a daily basis v get plenty of those,all patent pending

#Sir jadeja doesn`t run to take the catch but the ball finds him and lands on his hand