Watson shocked on Royals’ exit from IPL

Melbourne: Shane Watson had no idea that his IPL team Rajasthan Royals has been shown the exit door until Adam Gilchrist walked into the Australian dressing room during the second Test and informed him.

BCCI has scrapped Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab for breach of agreement and also warned Kochi to sort out their ownership issue.

“When Rajasthan got booted out it was actually during the game, Adam Gilchrist passed on the information, and I didn’t know until then,” said Watson.

“It’s very sad, because being a part of something, being able to build a brand over the first three years was one of the most special moments of my career. For that to be taken away because of legalities is very sad.”

Watson said he was under impression that things were being sorted out with the Indian Cricket Board.

“I actually had meetings with the CEO of Rajasthan a day or two before the Test match, he was very positive that they had covered everything the BCCI had asked of them in regards to the ownership side of things and it was all okay.

“Even on the day I read in the paper that it was looking like Rajasthan were going to be in the clear, obviously that wasn’t the case,” Watson told news agency.

Watson said they were planning of his stay with the Rajasthan Royals ahead of the auction for IPL-IV but that will not remain the case now.

“I would have loved to have stayed at Rajasthan, hopefully it means they’re able to sort it legally and Rajasthan are still able to be part of the fourth IPL,” said Watson.

“I know that’s hopeful thinking but no doubt the conversations I’ve had with the Royals over the last couple of months, with what the retention and auction was going to be, we were both really keen to continue to develop the Rajasthan Royal brand. But it might not be the case now,” he said.

Another disappointing thing for Watson is that he longer will avail the services Rajasthan physios John Gloster and Votor Popov, who he says had helped him stay in shape.

“Johnny’s been brilliant, especially in India. He knows my body very well. But Victor has been the main man to get me onto the pathway that I have been.”

“I’ll always find a way to make sure I get the people to look after me that I need,” he said.